Copy of Treaty and supplementary Treaty No. 7, made 22nd Sept., and 4th Dec., 1877, between Her Majesty the Queen and the Blackfeet and other Indian tribes at the Blackfoot crossing of Bow River [...]
Mémoires des commissaires du roi et de ceux de sa Majesté britannique sur les possessions & les droits respectifs des deux couronnes en Amérique
Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories: including the negotiations on which they are based and other information relating thereto
Discussion sommaire sur les anciennes limites de l'Acadie, et sur les stipulations du Traité d'Utrecht qui y sont relatives
"Scrap of paper" : German Chancellor's explanation and Great Britain's reply, The
Arbitration in history
Fruits of victory : have our statesmen won the peace our soldiers fought for?, The
Remarks on the French memorials concerning the limits of Acadia
Map of part of the Districts of Assiniboia and Alberta shewing Dominion land surveys to 31st December 1882
Mémoires des commissaires de Sa Majesté Très-Chrétienne et de ceux de Sa Majesté brittannique
League of nations, A
Demand of labour for a League of Nations, The
Unconquerable soul : Belgium in war time, The. Second edition
Political lot of the Dobrudja after the Berliner congress, The
Durable settlement after the war by means of a League of Nations, A
The men of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1670-1920
Polish problem, The
The  Canadian Club Year Book : 1921-1922
Map of part of the North West Territory
War and peace : the German snare
Addresses delivered before the Canadian Club of Ottawa : 1910
Necessity knows no law.
Expatriation acadienne, notes fournies par l'Hon. P. Poirier, sénateur, le 24 mai, 1885; Banishment and removal of the Acadians, notes furnished by the Hon. P. Poirier, senator, 24th May, 1885
An historical memorial of the negotiation of France and England, from the 26th of March 1761, to the 20th of September of the same year, with the vouchers
Right and might : a lesson which Germany must be made to unlearn
Drummond Island : the story of the British occupation, 1815-1828
Neutrality and arms shipments
Addresses delivered before the Canadian Club of Ottawa : 1915-1916
After twelve months of war
Agreement between the British and Ottoman governments respecting prisoners of war and civilians
Profiles : Metis settlements and First Nations, September 2002
The birth of Western Canada; a history of the Riel rebellions
Canada : today and tomorrow
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 17
Prisoners of war information bureau in London : a study, The
Where the buffalo roamed
When should the war end?
Belgium in war time
League of Nations : the opportunity of the church, The
Sir Edward Grey's reply to Dr. Von Bethmann-Hollweg
Administrative separation : what Belgians in invaded Belgium think of it
The great company : being a history of the honourable company of merchants-adventurers trading into Hudson's Bay
War and the future, The
The remarkable history of the Hudson's Bay Company : including that of the French traders of North-Western Canada and of the North-West, XY, and Astor Fur Companie
Fort Pitt history unfolding, 1829-1985 : history of the Hudson Bay Post and the school districts of White Eagle, Harlan, Frenchman Butte, Rock Bottom, Onion Lake, Fort Pitt
The Manitoba school question
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1992
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