Inaugural meeting of the first Joint Industrial Council, Imperial Oil Limited, Sarnia, Ontario.
Inaugural air mail flight, Calgary, Alberta.
Potential energy conservation in urban commodity flow
The Winnipeg Citizen No. 4
Pier extending into Red Deer River at ferry landing near Rosedale, Alberta.
Crew involved in building new highway to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Switchbacks in road, Yoho National Park, British Columbia.
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian peoples and their institutions. Volume 10, Section V : the Dominion : industrial expansion, Part II
For 22 cents I'd . . . . '
Streetcar to Bowness Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway Swiss guide village, Edelweiss, British Columbia.
Aircraft on runway, No. 5 Elementary Flying Training School, High River, Alberta.
Aerial view of No. 5 Elementary Flying Training School, High River, Alberta.
Let us rise! : a history of the Manitoba labour movement
First bridge built by Mr. K. Mamczasz, Polish contractor, Carrot Rriver Saskatchewan.
Passengers on Red Deer River ferry at landing near Rosedale, Alberta.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Local 1779 in parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Aircraft inside hangar, No. 5 Elementary Flying Training School, High River, Alberta.
Passengers stranded by Canadian Pacific Railway strike, Calgary, Alberta.
Murder scene near Naicum, Saskatchewan.
Unemployed demonstration, Edmonton, Alberta.
Unemployed men's demonstration at Legislature Building, Edmonton, Alberta.
Caboose on sleigh, Tarnopol, Saskatchewan.
Streetcar to Bowness, Calgary, Alberta.
Inaugural air mail flight, Calgary, Alberta.
Arthur Evans, labour organizer, speaking at Trail, British Columbia.
Family and covered wagon en route to High Prairie, Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.
Bridge and building float in Labour Day parade, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
[Grain shipments find their final resting place in Vancouver, British Columbia.]
Alberta Railway and Coal Company construction train, southern Alberta.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. Krukowski moving house to homestead, Consort district, Alberta.
Dirt highway under construction, Saskatchewan.
Memorandum of the Belgian government on the deportation and forced labour of the Belgian civil population ordered by the German Government
First Nations group at Indian Village, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Don McVeigh and Yvonne Andrew on Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies trip, Whiteman Pass, Alberta - British Columbia boundary.
John Deere binder in field near Calgary, Alberta.
Arthur Evans, labour organizer, and associates in Trail, British Columbia.
Blockade of Britain : being the evidence submitted by Robert Williams, Secretary, National Transport Workers' Federation, before the Departmental Committee on Food Prices, 11th Oct. 1916, The
Threshing view with steam engine and water wagon, near Wainwright, Alberta.
Walter Chuchla and friends, at Coleman, Alberta.
Bridge over Canadian Pacific Railway track, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
A Letter to the Right Honourable Earl Grey on the Subjects of transportation and emigration : as connected with an Imperial railway communication between the Atlantic and Pacific
Threshing near Calgary, Alberta.
Homestead of W. Sleczka, Peace River area, Alberta.
Canadian Western Joint Union meeting of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen and the Ladies Society, Calgary, Alberta.
Tourism/hospitality education and training study
Work on Baillie-Grohman canal between Columbia Lake and Kootenay River, British Columbia.
Labour crew at Royalite Plant in Turner Valley Alberta.
Canadian Brotherhood of Railroad Employees sports day, Calgary, Alberta.
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