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Sketch of Maskepetoon, or Broken Arm, Cree.
Sketch of Bad Head, Peigan chief.
Chief Talker, chief of the Little Robes band of South Piegans.
The Skunk, South Piegan chief.
White Bull or White Calf Bull, South Piegan chief.
Boy or Young Man, Blackfoot chief.
Little Grey Head, or Elk Tongues, South Piegan chief.
Big Snake, South Piegan chief.
Sketch of Lame Bull or Only Chief, Peigan chief.
Sketch of Spotted Buffalo Calf or White Buffalo on the Side Hill, Peigan.
Seen From Afar, or Peenaquim, head chief of the Bloods.
The Fox, Blood Chief.
Kootenay Old Man, or Old Kootenay, Blackfoot chief.
Chief Calf, Blood Chief.
Button Chief or Medicine Calf, Blood chief.
Sketch of Low Horn or Little Bull, Peigan chief.
Heavy Shield or Many Spotted Horses, Blood chief.
Chief Mountain, South Piegan chief.
Sketch of Middle Sitter or Heavy Shield, Peigan chief.
Sketch of Red Old Man, Peigan chief.
Three Bulls, Blackfoot chief.
James 'Jimmy Jock' Bird, Blackfoot interpreter.
James 'Jimmy Jock' Bird, Metis, Blackfoot interpreter.
Fort Vancouver, at the mouth of Columbia River, Washington Territory.