The Implications of Canada's Cultural Crisis
CBC Toronto Festival, June 17, 1971
The CBC Symphony Orchestra: Igor Stravinsky Conducts, 1962
A history of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Societies Association, 1883-1985
2015 Nickle Booklet-Public Art on Campus
The Thunder Bay Historical Society : seventh annual report : papers of 1916
Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society. Volume 2
Simcoe County : pioneer papers
CBC/ Queen's University: The National Arts Centre Orchestra, Mario Bernardi, Maureen Forrester, 1978
Tradition and change:  the metamorphosis of culture and the place of arts in the eletronic media environment
The Thunder Bay Historical Society : sixth annual report : papers of 1915
Journal and transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society. Volume 3
ART 310 EDCI 310 F1975
Canada as a cultural laboratory: Aspects of Canadian Cultural Policy, 1982-1994
ART 310 EDCI 310 F1976
Canadian Broadcast Policy and the Development of Concert Music 1930-1980
ART 353-01 W1995
Concert Music in Canada and the Development of CBC Commissions until 1979
The golden age of achievement: four aspects of CBC music programming 1950-1980
Banff School of Fine Arts annual summer sessions: 32nd, 34th, and 37th
The Role of Glenn Gould in the Development of Music and Communications
The Evolution of Broadcasting Systems and the Mutation of Culture in the Television Environment of the Ninteen Nineties
New Music Concerts, 1979
Chalk, sweat, and cheers : a history of the Manitoba Teachers' Society commemorating its fiftieth anniversary, 1919-1969
The Many Musics of Today and the Broadcasting System in Canada
CBC Presents: CBC Festival Chamber Orchestra, July 5, 1973
New space (Art Building)
Strategy preferences for teaching art
The Alberta Club Woman's Blue Book
The lost craft of ornamented architecture: Canadian architectural drawings, 1850-1930
Tenth anniversary issue
CBC Concerts at St. James' November 6, 1972
Evolving  Cultural  Policies  in  Europe...
The Implications of the Globalization of Television and its Cultures
A guide to the study of Manitoba local history
The Impact of Communications in Canada
Fifty years with the United Baptist Missionary Women of the Maritime Provinces
Faculty of Arts annual report 2013-2014
CBC: Joan Sutherland in Recital, 1968
CBC Presents: CBC Festival Orchestra, March 16, 1973
CBC Festival of Music 1969
International Aspects of Canadian Communications Policies
CBC Toronto Festival, May 29, 1971
The impact of foreign electronic media on cultural sovereignty:  Canada as a case study
A study of the Banff School of Fine Arts and the Banff Centre for Continuing Education
The Electronic Media and Cultural Sovereignty in an Era of Free Trade
The architecture of Maxwell Bates (exhibition) 5 June to 16 August 1992
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