Philip S. Smith on S.S. Victoria (Photo missing)
P.S. Smith
P.S. Smith (photo missing)
Gustafson, Snell, Smith, Ohlson, Ohrenschall, and Kumpke.
Pencil inscription "Smith, Macallie, Watson, Leighton, Bowles"
Personnel of Survey's Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 4 expedition of 1926. Right to left, Smith, Blankenship, FitzGerald, Clark
Railroad grade and cut looking up Moose Creek, Matanuska field from 2 miles above mouth. Corey and Sidney Smith. (Photo missing)
Unlabeled. Pencil inscription "Gif. Doc. Harley, True, P.S.S."
Fireweed at Hope, Kenai Peninsula. Philip S. Smith. (photo missing)
Unlabeled photo of man. Pencil inscription "G.O. Smith"
Unlabeled. Pencil inscription "Smith, True"
Topographer (C.E. Giffin) and geologists (P.S. Smith and S.R. Capps) leaving Great Falls camp, November 25, 1914
Mertie, Smith, Lynt, Blankenship, and FitzGerald at Barrow (Photo missing)
Four sheep heads brought in by Cong. Vestal and Marshal Lynn Smith at Healy.
Ketchikan, 1929. Pencil inscription "P.S. Smith"
Unlabeled. Pencil inscription "True, Doc, Giff, Smith, Jay" (photo missing)
Members of the Geological Survey Northern Alaskan Expedition at Tanana, February, 1924.
Ford auto with railroad wheels used by Sumner S. Smith at Chickaloon (Bain and Swanson of Bureau of Mines)
Thick inclined bed of coal up small draw, a little west of Suntrana mine. S.B. Smith in foreground. (Photo missing)
Mertie, Smith, Lynt, Blankenship, and FitzGerald at Barrow
Unlabeled photo of trees and buildings
Loose unlabeled photo of tree and fence (Negative)
Loose unlabeled photo. Similar view as 1262 (Negative)
Unlabeled photo of interior of office
U.S. Geologic Survey office
"Sam" carrying stove
Moraine in valley of camp 8 stream
Unloading passengers on lighters at Nome (Published in Bulletin of the Geographical Society, Philadelphia; Photo Missing)
Unlabeled close-up photo of miners
Unlabeled photo of packhorses crossing river
Unlabeled photo of miners above ground
Unlabeled photo of miners
Unlabeled photo of miners in shaft
Loose unlabeled photo. Pencil inscription "5-3-4"
Summit of Ester Dome, Fairbanks region. Pencil inscription "Barker, Sagan, Smith, McQueen" (photo missing)
Unlabeled postcard of train with rotary plough. Inscription "Snow Plow-Gov. R.R. Alaska"
Unlabeled photo of a mountain. Pencil inscription "Roll 3-3"
Unlabeled postcard of Alaska Malemute and puppies. Inscription "Alaska Malemute and babies".
Closely folded sandstones and shales 2 ½ miles above camp 5, Kukpuk River
Unlabeled postcard of mountain with train tracks. Inscription "The Loop-Alaska R.R."
Unlabeled close-up of woman standing on railroad platform. Pencil inscription "[?] at [?] 1928". Pencil inscription "Roll 1-6"
Tame reindeer on platform of Curry Hotel.
Automatic tripping device for distributing water to alternate lines of thawing water pipes, Nome.
General view of dredge of Hammon Consolidated Goldfields is midst of tailing piles and thawing water lines, Nome.
Petersen oil drilling camp, west of Chickaloon, Matanuska region, Alaska
Dog teams hauling in caribou meat across bare tundra camp 13 Kokolik River
Midnight Sun Trading Co.'s post (Halls) 3 miles southwest of Wainwright
View down Kokolik River from hills west of camp 15, showing incised meandering course
Weathering in thin-layered yellowish sandstone, ¼ mile west of camp 15, Kokolik River
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