Tributaries of the Blindman
Hudson'sBay Company: a brief history
Frontier Notes
Manitoba, its resources and people
Echoes of Fort Assiniboine and Districts
The Rosebud Trail
Our bend in the Peace : the story of Royce and Lubeck
Hills of Hope
27th annual CHACMOOL Conference: ancient travellers - programme and abstracts, November 10-13. 1994
Sudeten in Saskatchewan : a way to be free
While Rivers Flow : Stories of Early Alberta
Memories : Redwater and district
Strathmore : the village that moved : a story of the town of Strathmore
Brick's Hill, Berwyn and Beyond : [a history of Berwyn 
                    and district]
A bibliography of British Columbia : laying the foundations, 1849-1899
Conflict or cooperation? Blackfoot trade strategies, 1794-1815
Forests, furrows and faith : a history of Boyle and districts
Grain, grass, and gold fields of south-western Canada : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada : described as a mixed farming and mining country
The big bend
Alberta Gazette 1986, part 2
Alberta: blue skies and golden Opportunities
Bridging the years : era of Blaine Lake and district, 1790-1980
These Were Our Yesterdays :  A History of District Nursing in Alberta
A Bibliography of the Prairie Provinces to 1953 with bibliographical index
Footprints in the sands of time : Antler, Bellegarde, Braeside, Coulson, Kelvindale, Oatlands, Silver Vale
Alberta Gazette 1989, part 1
Alberta Gazette 1986, Part 1
Early Medicine in Alberta : The First Seventy-Five Years
Alberta newspapers, 1880-1982
Taking root in Canada : an autobiography
The Evolution of the Halifax Fortress, 1749-1928
Cypress Hills country
John Ware's cow country
City of Belleville history
50th anniversary: Philip and Thèrese Schaub
Parkland Trails : histories of R.M. of Invermay and villages of Invermay and Rama
Once upon a country lane : a tribute to the Gaelic spirit of old West Huntley, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Department of Geology and Geophysics annual report 2002
Fort Assiniboine, Alberta, 1823-1914 : fur trade post to settled district
Alberta Gazette 1981, Part 1
History of Prairie Settlement and ""Dominion Lands"" Policy
Next-year Country : A Study of Rural Social Organization in Alberta
History of British Columbia, 1792-1887
Alberta Gazette 1982, Part 1
Prairie Gold : R.M. of Lomond #37
Alberta Bills: 13th Legislature, 3th Session
The immigration and settlement of the black refugees of the War of 1812 in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Leaves from the Medicine Tree : a history of the area influenced by the tree, and biographies of pioneers and oldtimers who came under its spell prior to 1900
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