Rough sketch of Edmonton, Alberta.
Sketch of corrals at Sunny Side Ranch, Airdrie, Alberta.
Louis Riel.
Gatling gun used in Riel Rebellion.
Information on reverse of sketch of George B. Lamont house, Calgary, Alberta.
The Dentist at Work at the Main', 4th Canadian Field Ambulance.
Sitting Bull, Sioux.
Major General F. D. Middleton, commander-in-chief of the Canadian militia.
General Middleton's troops at Clarke's Crossing of North Saskatchewan River, Alberta.
Friday, Menu, Fish - Memories of Dibgate', England.
Dropping a Land Mark - Canadian Engineers'.
A Study in Life at the Front - Everybody's doing it - Memories of Dickesbusch', Belgium.
Honourable Edgar Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Territories (later Saskatchewan and Alberta).
Wounded carried to rear from fight at Fish Creek, Saskatchewan.
Lieutenant-Colonel W. Webster, commanding officer, 4th Canadian Field Ambulance.
Entrance to Patient's Dug-out at Dickesbusch', Belgium, built by 4th Canadian Field Ambulance in 1916.
Cowboy riding bucking horse.
Honourable Edgar Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor of North-West Territories (later Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Ambroise Lepine.
Copy of sketch of Post office, Airdrie, Alberta.
Ship called 'Lake Erie' on the Atlantic Ocean.
Dental Corps going into action', 4th Canadian Field Ambulance.
Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt.
Incidents on the Red River expedition.
Incidents on the Red River expedition.
Sketch of Strathcona Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta.
Gold washing apparatus at Edmonton, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police fort, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
City of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
First Nations observing North-West Mounted Police and prisoner at Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Stream in Rocky Mountains, Alberta.
Spring view of Ghost Pine Creek, Alberta.
On the track of civilization'.
A Belgium Creamery - Advance Dressing Station, Dickesbusch', used by 4th Canadian Field Ambulance.
Louis Riel, Senior.
Beardy, Cree chief.
Sweetgrass or Abraham Wikaskokiseyin, head chief of the Cree.
Railroad construction camp in British Columbia.
View near Ghost Pine Creek, Alberta.
Tent on homestead, Ghost Pine Creek, Alberta.
Manor house damaged by the war.
Arthur L. Howard, operator of gatling gun during Riel Rebellion.
Homestead shack on Ghost Pine Creek, Alberta.
Louis Riel.
Prairie view near Ghost Pine Creek, Alberta.
Birch trees by Ghost Pine Creek, Alberta.
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