Caroline Pruden, Metis.
W.Lee Brainard, Brainard, Alberta.
W.Lee Brainard at homestead, Brainard, Alberta.
Morrison Photographs
Morrison Photographs
Morrison Photographs
Mrs. 'Ma' Brainard and guest beside stopping place, Brainard, Alberta.
Brainard's log house, Brainard, Alberta.
Pupils and principals of Calgary Business College, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary business college group, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. 'Ma' Brainard and Sir Henry Thornton, Brainard, Alberta.
Mrs. 'Ma' Brainard and grand-daughter Frances Henderson, Brainard, Alberta.
Alberta Commercial Travellers presenting well to Mrs. 'Ma' Brainard, Brainard, Alberta.
Jane Fulsher, Metis, Parkdale, Manitoba.
M. A. Cook, second husband of Sophia Kipling, Calgary Alberta.
Kipling family, Metis, Calgary, Alberta.
Martin Jerome, Manitoba.
McHugh brothers and John McGillis on H2 Ranch, Arrowwood area, Alberta.
Cowboys saddling up for wild horse race, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Alberta.
Soldiers at hospital in England during the First World War.
Minnie June, cowgirl, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Alberta.
Chuckwagon in parade, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Alberta.
Machine gun section, 82nd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Calgary, Alberta.
Group at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Alberta.
Isabella Chalifoux, Metis.
Sergeant James Street, Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Lizzie McGrath, nee McGillis, Calgary, Alberta.
Vaudeville advertisement.
Mrs. Eliza Wood, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Southam Building, Calgary, Alberta.
Bronc riding, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Alberta.
Boating at Bowness Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Aerial view of Calgary, Alberta.
Joe McGillis, Metis
Guy Weadick at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Alberta.
Centre Street bridge, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway station, Calgary, Alberta.
Beer garden, Empire Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Ad McPherson with Millie and Bert Hall, Calgary, Alberta.
Jim Kipling and soldier, Calgary Alberta.
Doctor Curtis James Bird, Manitoba.
Mrs. Sophia Street, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Eliza Wood, war widow, Calgary, Alberta.
Leocadie Carriere, Metis.
Cecil Henley on Brahma bull, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Mrs. Jim Kipling and Mrs. L'Hirondelle, Calgary Alberta.
James 'Jimmy Jock' Bird, Metis, Blackfoot interpreter.
Group of contestants, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Alberta.
Angelique Jerome, Metis, wife of Joseph Rolette, Red River, Manitoba.
Murdo James Reid.
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