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Old Inuk with wooden leg shod with muskox horn. This man said his leg was amputated by his people after being frozen. This was before they had seen white man. Sherman Inlet
Ice Pressure Ridge, which had to be crossed Queen Maud Gulf off King William Island Sherman Inlet Nunavut
Seal Hunters North of the Inlet Sherman Inlet, Queen Maud's Sea, Nunavut
Left to Right: Halaktoalik, Angoayuk, and David Pektukana near island where one of Franklin's ships sank - Inuit with implements taken from ship. Sherman Inlet near Queen Maud's Sea, Nunavut
Kayakloo, Inuk of that area Sherman Inlet
Inuk Woman Uerogal - Sherman Inlet, Nunavut
Inuk couple Kayakloa and his wife Uavogal - Sherman Inlet, Nunavut
Old Inuk Angooyuk from Perry river Angooyuk took Henry Larsen to Island where one of Franklin's ships sank near Sherman Inlet King Willia Island Nunavut