Mr. Young as Lago
Garrick as Richard III
Mr. Wrench as Benedick
Mr. Fawcett as Touchstone
Mr. Collins, in Master Slender
Mr. Henderson in Lago
Mr. Munden as Autolicus in the Winter’s Tale
The late Mr. Cooke as Richard in Richard III
Miss Povey as Jessica
Miss Hallande as Sylvia
Miss Tree, as Ariel
William Hall: winner of the Victorian Cross
William Fulton Gillespie, BA, MB, MS, FACS, FRCSC, 1891-1949
Edified by the Margent, Shakespeare and the Bible
I Remember
Idler, The
CBC Toronto Festival, June 1970
DRAM 340-02 F1983
DRAM 340-02 F1985
DRAM 340-01 F1985
Drama at Calgary Fifteen Years
DRAM 340-03 F1986
A Tribute to William Dean Howells [article works about W.E.R.]
DRAM 440 DRAM 540 F1976
DRAM 340-01 F1984
DRAM 340-02 F2001
DRAM 340-01 F2000
DRAM 340-01 F2001
Pall Mall Magazine, The
DRAM 340-02 F1984
DRAM 340 W2003
DRAM 440-02 DRAM 540-02 F1988
DRAM 340-01 F1999
DRAM 300-02 F1999
DRAM 340-02 F1980
War Against War
DRAM 240 F1985
Concert Music in Canada and the Development of CBC Commissions until 1979
DRAM 340-01 F2003
DRAM 510 F1976
DRAM 342 F1987
DRAM 240 F1984
Cassell's Magazine ; Once a Week ; St. Nicholas
DRAM 240-01 F1978
DRAM 240 F1988
DRAM 340-03 F1983
Idler, The
DRAM 440-540 F2001
DRAM 240 W1992
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