School and teacherage, Rose Glen, Alberta.
School and teacherage, Fredensfelt, Alberta.
School and teacherage, Suffield, Alberta.
School, Bowell , Alberta.
School, Woolchester, Alberta.
School, barn and coal shed, Maple Tree, Alberta
School and teacherage, Hermansite, Alberta.
School, coal shed and outdoor toilets, Sheppard Hill, Alberta.
School and teacherage, Atlee, Alberta.
High School, Olds, Alberta.
School and barn, Grayburn, Alberta.
School, Irvine, Alberta.
School, Sentinel, Alberta.
School, Antelope, Alberta.
School and teacherage, Joffre, Alberta.
School and barn, Nine Mile, Alberta.
School, Evergreen, Alberta.
School, Schuler, Alberta.
School, Irvine, Alberta.
Disused School, Dunmore, Alberta.
School, Finn's Lake, Alberta.
Two schools and teacherage, Hilda, Alberta.
School and teacherage, Ehman, Alberta.
School children in front of Kent School, Langdon area, Alberta.
Colonel Walker school, Calgary, Alberta.
Riverside School, Calgary, Alberta.
Lacombe School, Lacombe, Alberta.
School, coal shed and toilets, Willow Lake, Alberta.
Westwood school, Norbury district, Saskatchewan.
Pupils at school, Champion, Alberta.
School at Rosemary, Alberta.
Haultain school, Calgary, Alberta.
School at Rosemary, Alberta.
Ploughing with dog team at residential school in Northwest Territories (NWT).
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