Schist pinnacles 608' hill, Solomon Quad
Contorted schist pinnacle loc 8 AS 15
Gneissic schist pinnacles on ridge four miles east of camp July 29, 1920
Schist pinnacles 608' hill, Solomon Quad
Schist pinnacle, loc 7 AS 136, Casadepaga Quad
Porphyritic schist pinnacle near head of Kachauik Creek
Schist pinnacles, loc 7 AS 145, Solomon Quad
Schist pinnacle loc 7 AS 304 Casadepaga Quad (Published as Plate X A, Bulletin 433)
Schist pinnacle on slopes of 1729' hill on divide between No Mans and Elkhorn Creeks
The Hudson Bay road (1498-1915)
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian people and their institutions. Volume 22, Section 11 : the Pacific Province, Part 2
Gold hunter : the adventures of Marshall Bond

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