CBC Concert, Jean-Paul Sévilla, 1972
HTST 319-01 F2003
HTST 319-01 F2001
Toronto : Canada's new cosmopolite
HTST 505-01 F2002
Calgary : an illustrated history
They planted the seed : a pioneer history of the Tarnpol, Tway, Bonne Madone area
The Northern kingdom
HTST 201-03 F2008
HTST 201-02 F2008
HTST 201-02 W1998
HTST 505-01 W2002
Races of Austria-Hungary, The
HTST 201-04 W2007
Submerged nationalities of the German empire, The
HTST 201-02 W2009
HTST 447-01 F1996
HTST 447-01 F1992
The origin and meaning of place names in Canada
HTST 201-04 F2005
Little paradise : the saga of the German Canadians of Waterloo County, Ontario, 1800-1975
Great Britain and the Czecho-Slovaks
EDPA 571-06 S1982
HTST 423-01 F1998
East of the Red : early Ukrainian settlements, 1896-1930. Volume 1
ART 313 F1994
Alberta Cattle Breeders' Association catalogue, 44th, 1944.
How the English take the war
Mennonites in Winnipeg
HTST 201-03 F2010
German Empire's Hour of Destiny
HTST 423-01 W2006
HTST 391-01 F1992
Preliminary Announcement
HTST 391-91 F1995
Les Métis de l'Ouest canadien; Les Métis de l'Ouest canadian
HTST 596 W2007
German truth and a matter of fact
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 009, Number 010
HTST 423-01 F2008
Opinions from the centre : the position of minorities in a Canadian university
The Bexfields from Norfolk
EDPA 571-06 P1984
HTST 474 W2007
Germans in Canada, The
Scrapbook fragments
A response to the White Paper proposals for an industrial and science strategy for Albertans 1985-1990
Short peace and war bibliography, A
Wife of Shimadzu
Nothing but Names
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