Unlabeled panorama of mountains
Unlabeled photo of mountains and a valley
Unlabeled photo of close-up of a tree
Unlabeled photo of mountains through trees
Canadian Pacific Railway snow plough, Rogers Pass, British Columbia.
Diagram showing electricity used in Nome, Nov. '09 to July "˜10
Flat in Wesley Creek above cabin, looking downstream
Double structure in limestone below camp, Aug. 1 (Published as Plate XIV A, Bulletin 536)
Lakes on upland of outwash gravels near camp, Aug. 1 (Published as Plate XIII B, Bulletin 536)
View of the Noatak Valley from camp, July 28
View toward Allen-Noatak portage from camp, July 28
Men and dogs tracking on upper Allen River
Limestone hills above the Unakserak
Mountain sheep at head of False Pass Creek
Glacier at head of False Pass Creek (Published as Plate XII A, Bulletin 536)
Conglomerate exposures above Rapid City
Dogs hauling boat on Allen River
Camp scene, camp July 4
Unlabeled photo of small child
Unlabeled photo of people with packhorses
Unlabeled photo of terrain
Unlabeled photo of two people with several horses
Kingegen Mission, Cape Prince of Wales
Bench at Cape Prince of Wales
Cape Prince of Wales
Cardston AB. Bylaws e76
John Fortune residence. Lacombe, Alberta.
Glacier at head of False Pass Creek from northern cirque. Joins No. 571 to right. Published as Plate VII B, Bulletin 536. (2 photos)
Panorama of Lake Takahoela from northeast end. Joins No. 565 to left (3 photos)
Hills east of Allen River from west of Lake Takahoela
Panorama of big creek from south joining Noatak below station 25. Published as Plate VI B Bulletin 536 (3 photos)
Panorama up the Noatak Valley from Giffin's station 25 (3 photos)
Panoramic view down the Noatak from camp, July 28. Joins No. 596 to left. (2 photos)
Saw teeth at head of False Pass Creek from Allen River
Panorama of Allen River Valley from camp, July 23 (4 photos)
Valley of the Noatak looking west from hill south of Lucky Six (2 photos)
Allen-Noatak Pass. View eastward to hills across the Allen (2 photos)
View up Allen River from mouth of False Pass Creek
Conglomerate from Dahl Creek, Kobuk region. (Published as Plate VIII B, Bulletin 535)
Fortymile, Yukon Territory
Lowland between Ambler and Kogoluktuk Rivers north of Cosmos Hills, Shungnak region
Panorama of Allen River Valley from camp, July 23. Joins No. 582 to left. Published as Plate VII A, Bulletin 536. (4 photos)
Fortymile, Yukon Territory
Panorama from hill west of camp July 12 of hills east of Allen River. Joins No. 559 to right (5 photos)
Topography around head of Midas Creek (5 photos: 2.3.612, 2.3.613, 2.3.614, 2.3.615, 2.3.616)
Ebenezer Healy, first Alberta creamery operator at Big Hill Spring, 7 miles northeast of Cochrane, Alberta.
Cappy Larsen, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, visiting fish nets, Three River Bay, Northwest Territories.
Rapport de la semaine d'histoire tenue à Québec du 10 au 16 mai 1976 sous le thème "Québec 1800-1835"
Steamboat, Red River, Manitoba.
Man doing laundry outside tent, Yukon.
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