King Island and Eskimos [Inuit] at Snake River near Nome, Alaska.
S.S. Zealandia forcing her way through ice to Nome, Alaska.
Winter scene on Front Street, Nome, Alaska.
Gold miners on beach at Nome, Alaska.
Penny River Eskimos [Inuit] in rain parkas, Alaska.
White Pass and Yukon Route Railway train, Alaska.
Bronze statue erected in Seattle, Washington to commemorate the Klondike gold rush.
Davidson Glacier near Haines, Alaska.
Eskimo [Inuit] in his kayak, Alaska.
Miners rocking on beach for gold, Nome, Alaska.
Hole in the wall at Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Alaska
Bench claim on Nicola Gulch at Nome, Alaska.
Eskimos [Inuit] drilling and making mukluks at Port Clarence, Alaska.
Skagway, Alaska.
First Nations hunter on snowshoes, Alaska.
Clean up on Discover at Anvil Creek in Nome, Alaska.
Dog team hauling barrel of water, Nome, Alaska.
Laplander reindeer herder and his wife milking reindeer at Port Clarence, Alaska.
Passengers arriving at Nome, Alaska.
Dundas Harbour detachment, Devon Island, Nunavut.
Royal North-West Mounted Police on horseback in Calgary Stampede parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Uploading supplies for the Mounted Police for one year, Dundas Harbour, Nunavut.
Greco-Russian Church in Unalaska, Alaska.
Steamer 'Canadian' going down the Yukon River at Selwyn, Yukon.
A large ship in Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Alaska.
View of Juneau, Alaska.
Sightseeing on the banks of Miles Canyon on the Yukon River, Whitehorse, Yukon.
Blockade on Front Street, Nome, Alaska.
Reindeer herd, showing Grantley Harbor and Teller City in the distance, Alaska
Dawsonites arriving at Fairbanks, Alaska.
Ben Atwater with his fastest dog team in the Yukon.
Canadian-American border at Carcross, Yukon.
Steamer 'Dawson' shooting the Five Fingers Rapids on the Yukon River, Yukon.
Vancouver Harbour on the Pacific Coast, British Columbia.
Lumberjacks cutting down a giant tree, British Columbia.
A malamute dog and her family of puppies, Yukon.
Lining up steamer 'Whitehorse' to navigate the Five Fingers Rapids on the Yukon River, Yukon.
Tow line for giant raft of logs to be floated down Pacific Coast, British Columbia.
Tent inspection at miltary camp at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.
Kilties [men in kilts] on review at military camp at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.
Commissioner's Residence in Dawson City, Yukon.
One of the first squads of Royal North-West Mounted Police to arrive in Dawson City, Yukon.
Inuit family employed by the Royal North-West Mounted Police, Yukon.
Eskimo [Inuit] Princess Ker-leng-ner and her husband in parkas at Port Clarence, Alaska.
A bunch of might nice husky puppies, Yukon.
Wagon driving through trunk of giant tree, Stanley Park, British Columbia.
Men on horseback by tall trees, Pacific Coast, British Columbia.
Miners' tents extending along the beach for 30 miles, Nome, Alaska.
Chief Schwatk, oldest Indian [First Nations] guide in Alaska.
Bird's eye view of Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Alaska.
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