Six years in the Canadian North-West
A Chronicle of the Canadian West : North-west Mounted Police report for 1875
History of the 10th Royals and of the Royal Grenadiers from the formation of the regiment until 1896
Winter at Fort Macleod, A
Royal Regiment of Artillery, Ottawa, 1855-1952 : a history, The
Strathcona's Horse. Part II, Copies of letters from Colonel Steele on the organization and work of the regiment 1900-1902
Royal Canadian Regiment, 1883-1933, The
Origin and services of the Prince of Wales regiment : including a brief history of the militia of French Canada and of the Canadian militia since Canada became a British colony...
The great lone land : the icongraphy of the Riel Rebellions, 1869 and 1885 : including an outline history of Manitoba and North West Canada
History of Nova Scotia : for schools
The birth of Western Canada; a history of the Riel rebellions
History of the North-West. Volume 2
Esquimalt Naval Base : a history of its work and its defences
Victoria County centennial history
History of Saskatchewan and the Old North West
Saskatchewan : a history
Cavalry journal. Vol. VI, No. 21, January to October 1911
Calgary : an illustrated history
Report (10th Annual, The Canadian Club of Winnipeg)
History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment
Athabasca Landing
History of the Ontario Regiment, 1866-1951
Louis Riel : a bibliography
The  fur trade in Canada : an introduction to Canadian economic history
Cavalry journal. Vol. III, January to October
Cavalry journal. Vol. XIX, January to October, 1929
Louis Riel : a bibliography
Rough times, 1870-1920: a souvenir of the 50th anniversary of the Red River Expedition and the formation of the Province of Manitoba
Cavalry journal. Vol. XX, January to October, 1930
The Canadian North-West : its early development and legislative records : minutes of the councils of the Red River Colony and the Northern Department of Rupert's Land. Volume II
History of the province of Alberta. Volume 1
Cavalry journal. Vol. V, January to October
Oxfordshire Light Infantry chronicle : an annual record of the First and Second Battalions, formerly the 43rd and 52nd Light Infantry. Vol. IV, 1985
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVI, January to October, 1926
Canada's sons on kopje and veldt : a historical account of the Canadian contingents...
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 27, July 1912
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian people and their institutions. Volume 23, Section 12 : general index; manuscript sources; bibliography; chronological outlines; historical tables
Cavalry journal. Vol. XXI, January to October, 1931
New Brunswick and its scenery : a tourists' and anglers' guide to the province of New Brunswick
Cavalry journal. Vol. II, January to October, 1907
Ten Years of Trek
City of Belleville history
Reminiscences of the North-west rebellions, with a record of the raising of Her Majesty's 100th regiment in Canada, and a chapter on Canadian social & political life
An historical souvenir diary of the city of Winnipeg, Canada
The centenary volume of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, 1824-1924, and, Unique Quebec
Weathered Wood : anecdotes and history of the Banff-Sunshine area
Hudson'sBay Company: a brief history
The History of the County of Brant, Ontario
A bibliography of British Columbia : laying the foundations, 1849-1899
Our bit : memories of war service
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