La famille Chaussegros de Léry
La famille De La Porte de Louvigny
The Schlamp Family 1853-1979
La famille Berthelot d'Artigny
La famille Panet
Le sieur de Vincennes, fondateur de l'Indiana, et sa famille
Our family history : the descendants of Sylvester and Eudokia Fedeyko, 1835-1985
La famille Pinguet de Vaucour
La famille Rouer de Villeray
La famille Taschereau
The Wardells and Vosburghs : records of a loyalist family
La famille Frémont
La  famille Charly Saint-Ange
Order of the University of Calgary Recipients: Brown, Roy I.
Généalogie de la famille de Pierre Duguay : accompagnée de diverses notes historiques. Volume 1
A Beveridge-McLeish family history : Thomas Beveridge (1826-1895) and Margaret Kennedy McLeish (1838-1918) of Scotland, Middlesex County, Ontario, and Little Mountain, near Winnipeg, Manitoba
La famille Faribault
Subjective sensations of sight and sound, abiotrophy, and other lectures
The Nikkel-Nickel Family of Prussia, Russia, America and Canada
The Frankos in Canada: a family history
Telegram from G. D. Robertson to Charles F. Gray, May 16th, 1919
The story of our family
Textura del sistema nervioso del hombre y de los vertebrados, Tomo I.
La généalogie des familles Richer de La Flèche et Hamelin : avec notes historiques sur Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, les Grondines, etc.
Letter from Chris H. Newton to Charles F. Gray, June 30th, 1919 (Pink Copy)
May wasn't merry, in 1919--Article from The Winnipeg Tribune, May 25th, 1968
Appendix to The anatomy of the brain : containing a paper read before the Royal Society on the 14th of May, 1829, and some remarks on Mr. Charles Bell's animadversions on phrenology
Land of beyond : Leknes family history and genealogy
The Rask Family : Ole Selmer Christianson Rask, 1810-1875 : descendants and spouses
Letter from Chris H. Newton to Charles F. Gray, June 30th, 1919
Conduction of the Nervous Impulse, The
Croonian Lectures on muscular movements and their representation in the central nervous system : delivered before The Royal College of Physicians of London, June, 1903, The
Quatre-vingts ans de souvenirs
The One Big Union
Croonian lectures on cerebral localisation, The
Semaine médicale, la
Ivalls of Scotland
Leçons sur l'histologie du système nerveux
La source et le filon : de l'ancêtre Pierre Paradis à la fondatrice des Petites Sœurs de la Sainte-Famille, Mère Léonie
Through the years
Ballard and branches
Jean Riquart, premier colon de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade et ancêtre des familles Ricard, 1667-1726
The Salmonds : where we came from and where we are now! 1736 - 1998
Les seigneurs et premiers censitaires de St-Georges-Beauce et la famille Pozer
Satrum family history
Manual of diseases of the nervous system, volume II
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