Rooftop garden in downtown Calgary, Alberta.
Edmonton Club, Edmonton, Alberta.
Homesteaders, Mannville area, Alberta.
Roofs [partial drafts]
View of Calgary from the roof of Coste House, Calgary, Alberta.
Model-T racing at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede race track, Calgary, Alberta.
Children outside log cabin, Alberta.
Homesteader's barn, Mecheche, Alberta.
Tent encampment, Calgary area, Alberta.
Dave Davidson, mine manager, Alexo Coal Company Limited, sounding roof of coal mine, Alexo, Alberta.
Janice Kruk, Miss Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
House, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Burning of Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta.
Log house in Dawson City, Yukon Territory.
Tom Qually's dugout home after snow storm, Groton area, Alberta.
Science Theatres: main theatre foyer roof under construction
Food camp on the F Ranch, southern Alberta.
Damage caused by tornado, Redcliff, Alberta.
J. H. Pearce farm, near Brora, Saskatchewan.
Wild Strawberry = Fragaria sp. (Mouth roof berries, Real people berries)
Damage caused by tornado, Redcliff, Alberta.
Royal motorcade, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Kootenay people at Lake Windermere camp, British Columbia.
Harold Huson's sod-roofed shack and barn, Endiang, Alberta.
J. H. Pearce farm, near Brora, Saskatchewan.
Home-made shingle mill, Grimshaw area, Alberta.
Corner inside rectory, Rimbey, Alberta.
Trochu townspeople in visit to Calgary, Alberta.
Damage caused by tornado, Redcliff, Alberta.
Hockey game inside arena, Edmonton, Alberta.
Pig barn on Ellis Stange's farm north of Falun, Alberta.
Crowd of people at the Legislature Building grounds, Edmonton, Alberta.
William J. Oliver photographing downtown Calgary, Alberta.
Jenkins' Groceteria Building, Calgary, Alberta.
Manufacturer's Building, Edmonton Exhibition Grounds, Edmonton, Alberta.
Saul Koschitsky, Calgary, Alberta.
[Garden Pavilion with Flat Roof]
Homesteader beside his well, southern Alberta.
[Tupiit with People Nearby, and a Building with a Red Roof in the Background]
Root cellar, Vauxhall Stock farms, Vauxhall, Alberta.
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