Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Anderson, Shepard, Alberta.
First school in Shepard, Alberta.
Annual Report 1998/99 Faculty of Engineering
Picnic at Shepard (?), Alberta.
Causeway across Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Summer homes at Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Excavating in Albert Park district, Calgary, Alberta.
First blacksmith shop, Hubalta, Alberta.
Milk delivery wagon, Calgary, Alberta.
Tenting, Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Hotel at Hanna, Alberta.
Clara Anderson, Shepard, Alberta.
Edward, Prince of Wales and Calgary's Big Four cattlemen, Pekisko, Alberta.
Bow River school, Forest Lawn, Calgary, Alberta.
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway station at Hubalta, Alberta.
Sailboat at dock, Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Dock at Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Thomas J. Giles, rancher, Calgary area, Alberta.
Train wreck, Hubalta, Alberta.
Fishing off first bridge, Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Group of men, Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Bowden Lunn with surveyor's instrument, Langdon, Alberta.
Picnicers at Shepard, Alberta.
Cowboys, probably Hubalta area, Alberta.
Boats in Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
"Moonlight Bay", Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Fred Jarvis in horse-drawn buggy, Forest Lawn, Alberta.
Boy scout troop, Forest Lawn, Alberta.
Bird's eye view of Hanna, Alberta.
Bird's eye view of Delia, Alberta.
Group of Royal Orange Lodge, #2533, Forest Lawn, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Burdett, Hubalta, Alberta.
Pioneers with ox-drawn wagon, Shepard area, Alberta.
Horse show at Shepard, Alberta.
Main street, Hanna, Alberta.
General merchandise store, Shepard, Alberta.
The university and continuing education in Alberta
Alberta Old Timers log cabin, Calgary, Alberta.
Brass band, Delia, Alberta.
Faculty of Fine Arts report on research: excellence in creativity
Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement
VOX Magazine, November 1990, Issue 82
Adventurous Albertans : the women and men who built this province
Gauntlet, Volume 026, Number 013
Security and Defence Forum (SDF) performance measurement report, April 1998 to March 1999
Benevolent and mutual aid societies in Ontario
Pioneer profiles : Ukrainian settlers in Manitoba
Happy Valley happenings : Big Beaver and district
Gauntlet, Volume 019, Number 015
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