The Rocking P Gazette: May 1924
The Rocking P Gazette: April 1924
The Rocking P Gazette: March 1924
The Rocking P Gazette: November 1924
CBC Ottawa Radio Festival, July 1971
CBC Presents: A Multi Media Evening, Feb. 17, 1973
CBC Presents: CBC Festival Orchestra,  Orford String Quartet, January 6, 1973
CBC Radio: Edith Butler and Kenzie MacNeil, 1974
CBC Concerts at St. James' May, 1971
CBC Radio Festival of Music 1971
CBC Toronto Festival, July 1970
The golden age of achievement: four aspects of CBC music programming 1950-1980
The Many Musics of Today and the Broadcasting System in Canada
The Role of Glenn Gould in the Development of Music and Communications
CBC Festival of Music 1967
CBC Toronto Festival, May 1969
The impact of foreign electronic media on cultural sovereignty:  Canada as a case study
CBC Toronto Festival, June 30, 1971
Concert Music in Canada and the Development of CBC Commissions until 1979
CBC Toronto Festival, Music of Quebec
Canada and the Road to the Twenty-First Century: The Impact of the Technological Revolution on Canadian Cultural Sovereignty and the Implications for Canadian Youth
CBC Winnipeg Festival 1971
CBC Concert, The Early Music Consort of London, March 5, 1971
CBC Celebrity Recital, 1970
Diary of Annie Glen Broder, 1891
CBC at St. James' Februray 14, 1972
CBC/ The Canadian Conference of the Arts, Presents Lois Marshall, Maureen Forrester, Yehudi Wyner, 1972
CBC Festival of Music 1970
New Music Concerts, 1979
Diary of Annie Glen Broder, 1897
MUHL 309-04 P2004
MUHL 309-04 S2002
MUHL 309-04 S2001
VOX Magazine, February 1995, Issue 132
MUHL 309-01 W2005
VOX Magazine, May 1994, Issue 123
VOX Magazine, May 1984, Issue 06
VOX Magazine, May 1992, Issue 99
VOX Magazine, November 1995, Issue 141
VOX Magazine, September 1988, Issue 57
VOX Magazine, January 1994, Issue 119
VOX Magazine, December 1983, Issue 02
VOX Magazine, March 1989, Issue 63
VOX Magazine, July 1994, Issue 125
VOX Magazine,  May 1990, Issue 77
VOX Magazine, September 1984, Issue 10
VOX Magazine, December 1988, Issue 60
VOX Magazine, February 1987, Issue 37
VOX Magazine, September 1994, Issue 127
VOX Magazine, June 1989, Issue 66
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