Chipewyan camp.
Chipewyan camp.
Where 'A' Battery attempted the rush and lost heavily at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Driving the rebels back from Batoche, Saskatchewan.
A' Battery supporting the guns at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Mess tent, 'B' Battery, Regiment of Canadian Artillery, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Cutting hair in the Militia camp.
Straw sentry box and sentry.
Raising the first house at Fish Creek, Saskatchewan.
First check of Canadian troops at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Group of wounded Militia men.
Militia troops first sight of Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Militia rifle pits on the river at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Start of the battle of Batoche, Saskatchewan.
A group of Metis women refugees.
Ferry crossing the North Saskatchewan River at Fort Carlton, Saskatchewan.
Officers of 'A' Battery, Canadian Militia.
Militia men sleep in the trenches.
View of trial of Louis Riel, Regina, Saskatchewan.
First ford, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, the scene of 'Steele's fight'.
Troops crossing the South Saskatchewan River at Guardapuis' Crossing, Saskatchewan.
Shelter trench exercise by Militia troops in camp.
Militia camp at Fish Creek, Saskatchewan.
Militia camp after the battle of Fish Creek, Saskatchewan.
Wounded carried to rear from fight at Fish Creek, Saskatchewan.
Moosomin', a loyal Cree chief.
Horses, transport teams in camp.
Captain John French and his scouts, western Canada.
Poundmaker and First Nations individuals who were later hanged, taken at Battleford, Saskatchewan
Poundmaker, in striped blanket, Lieutenant Colonel Van Straubenzie, and soldiers.
Three Cree at Prince Albert Militia camp, Saskatchewan.
Miserable Man surrendering at Battleford, Saskatchewan.
General F.D. Middleton and wounded men in camp.
Church parade of troops, western Canada.
Pow-wow with Chief Beardy and Militia troops.
Second ford at Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
Second ford, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, where General F.D. Middleton turned back.
Militia troops breaking camp at Guardapuis' Crossing, Saskatchewan.
General F.D. Middleton, right, and his wounded aides.
General F.D. Middleton meeting priests.
Mrs. Miserable Man at Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Horses and men on ferry crossing the North Saskatchewan River at Fort Carlton, Saskatchewan.
Members of 90th Battalion, Winnipeg Rifles.
Pow-wow with Beardy and Militia troops.
Mass grave of Metis who fell at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Samuel G. Plunkett home, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Metis artillery men during Riel Rebellion.
Letter from Louis Riel concerning Charles Nolin's testimony at his trial.
Troops under Lord Melgund and Captain John French advancing to Gabriel's Crossing.
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