Yukon Field Force in full dress in camp.
Canadian carrier pigeon service.
Janes family at J3 ranch relaxing in the shade, Gladys Ridge, Alberta.
Soldiers in camp, Kimberley, South Africa.
Canadian Pacific Railway construction workers.
Mrs. Turner Bone and son, John at home, Calgary, Alberta.
Men at Grand Trunk Pacific Railway construction camp, British Columbia.
Hot day in Riley Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Group in horse-drawn grain wagon box on runners, near Wilcox, Saskatchewan.
Constable Vic Campbell, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, at Waterton, Alberta
Group at Howell's farm, Milo, Alberta.
View of Calgary looking south across the Bow River, Calgary, Alberta.
Group at Little Chicago (Royalties), Turner Valley area, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables at Stand Off, Alberta
Cartoon: Grasshopper & the Ant Fable
Springtime at the Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway sternwheeler Nasookin, at Kootenay Landing, British Columbia.
Students at St. Hilda's School for Girls, Calgary, Alberta
Road construction camp near Madden, Crossfield area, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman under canvas, at Lethbridge, Alberta.
St. Peter's Kindergarten students in creative drama class, Calgary, Alberta.
Guido's Restaurant, Calgary, Alberta.
Alternative schools in Parkland and Hillhurst, Calgary, Alberta.
'Wanna know what my phone number was in 1959? Wanna know what my babysitter's name was in 1956?' 'Will you give it a rest?''
Youths attend coffee house, Calgary, Alberta.
Road construction crew in camp, Bowden area, Alberta.
Feature on teaching methods, Calgary, Alberta.
Bar U Ranch cowboys, general round-up, southern Alberta.
Prepare to repel boarders!'
Church steeples, Calgary, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company employees relaxing.
Militia relaxing during Riel Rebellion, Saskatchewan.
KNES 330 F2004
PEAT 230 W1994
PEAT 230 W1992
PEAT 503-30 W1998
PEAT 230 F1999
PEAT 230 W2000
KNES 330 P2005
KNES 330 W2005
PEAT 230 W1996
KNES 330 W2004
PEAT 230 F1990
PEAT 230-01 W1993
PEAT 230 W2003
KNES 330 F2005
PEAT 230 F1988
PHAC 230 F1987
KNES 330 P2004
PEAT 230 F2003
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