Thelon game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
Thelon Game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
Thelon Game Sanctuary Thelon River Reindeer Herd, Alaska
Caribou Swimming Thelon Game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
Musk OX Thelon Game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
Musk OX  (picture 2) Thelon Game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
Laplanders in Germany.
Reindeer in corral at Stony Creek, Alberta.
Tom Baines, Calgary Zoo, Christmas card, Calgary, Alberta.
Susan Peters and a little friend, Reindeer Station, Northwest Territories.
First nations in canoes, Reindeer Lake, Manitoba.
Tame reindeer on platform of Curry Hotel.
Reindeer at Aklavik, Northwest Territories.
Archie Latimer, North West Mounted Police, Yukon Territory.
Laplander reindeer herder and his wife milking reindeer at Port Clarence, Alaska.
Mrs. Douglas and Susan Peters in their parkas, Reindeer Station, Northwest Territories.
Crowd on beach, Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
Coastal dune belt; looking southeast from a point near Reindeer Creek Port Heiden,  Bristol Bay, Alaska
Jacob J. Dalke in cart with deer in harness, Saskatchewan.
Jenkins' Groceteria No. 17, Calgary, Alberta.
Reindeer herd, showing Grantley Harbor and Teller City in the distance, Alaska
Rudolph visits the Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Tug and scows on Athabasca River, Alberta.
Jenkins' Groceteria, Red Deer, Alberta.
Santa Claus in a hot air balloon
Walter Gilbert's aerial survey team at Southend Post, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan.
Loading reindeer on scow, Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
Natural gas billboard, Edmonton, Alberta.
First Nations women and children having tea, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan.
Jenkins' Groceteria No. 4, Calgary, Alberta.
Sami potatoes : living with reindeer and perestroika
Zoo employee Janis Grant with 'Jaeger' the reindeer, Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta.
Gould-Leslie Limited: Warren's billboard, [St. Catherines, Ontario?].
Bill Dean and Walter Jewitt serving tea to First Nations women and children, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan.
Jacob J. Dalke and his trained wild animals, Saskatchewan.
Corporal Pennefather leaving on patrol, Herschel Island, Yukon.
Wilkinson Electric billboard, [Calgary?], Alberta.
Gould-Leslie Limited: Carl's Boot Shop billboard, [St. Catherines, Ontario?].
Munro's Hardware billboard, [Edmonton?], Alberta.
Sami potatoes : living with reindeer and perestroika
Laura Secord billboard, Edmonton, Alberta.
Gould-Leslie Limited: New Method Cleaners/Warren's billboard, St. Catherines, Ontario.
Reindeer near Golofnin Mission
Reindeer near Golofnin Mission
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 026, Number 017
Diocese of MacKenzie River
Passing on the knowledge : mapping human ecology in Wainwright, Alaska
Alberta Report Magazine
Life in the Klondike gold fields
Caribou on frozen Reindeer Lake, Manitoba.
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