"The Theatre" by George Jean Nathan
Canada's Poets and Prose Writers
Newspaper articles
Shortcomings of the American Theater
Elmer Clifton [article]
Magazine articles
English language idioms [list]
Reading room in YMCA building, Edmonton, Alberta.
Hollywood High Lights on D.W. Griffiths
Interior of Central Park Library, Calgary, Alberta.
Cowboy research
Woman reading book 'Baby Doll', Calgary, Alberta.
Bathroom Reader - Literature 'n the loo
Alberta Report Magazine
Recipes [draft]
George Frolak, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.
Woman reading a book, Calgary, Alberta.
Woman reading magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Men at Grand Trunk Pacific Railway construction camp, British Columbia.
Soldiers from No. 8 Canadian field ambulance, 'C' section, Lille, France.
Woman reading magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company men at Read Island, Nunavut.
Canadian Pacific Railway surveyor inside tent.
Nellie Wigg, Lewisville district, Alberta.
Couple reading in bedroom.
Businessman smoking a cigar and reading the paper, Calgary, Alberta.
Staff of Belcher Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Librarian with children in public library, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Man reading to two little boys.
Man reading to two little boys.
War-game maps
Outdoor thermometer showing temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius), Edmonton, Alberta.
'Valentine Greetings' Saint Valentine's Day postcard.
Reading by candlelight
Schooner 'Fort James' wintering at Read Island, Nunavut.
Daycare Centre - reading
Hudson's Bay Company post at Read Island, Nunavut.
Father reading story to child in pyjamas beside Christmas tree.
Gea Weinard reading in bed at the General Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Rancher, Claude Gardiner reading to his children.
Cauthen and Read of the Royal North-West Mounted Police, [Alberta?].
Man reading a book at home, probably Alberta?
'They say Canada needs a new spy agency.' 'Really? I thought that's what the census was all about.''
Madame Corine Joly reading 'La Survivance' newspaper in kitchen, St. Paul, Alberta.
'Here's another one of these Y2K questionnaires...who's the scariest person of the last century?' 'Dracula!' 'Trudeau!' 'My math teacher!'
Woman reading a book.
Montessori School pupils at demonstration for principals, teachers and students, Calgary, Alberta.
Student Reading Outside, 1996
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