Reports and documents in reference to the location of the line and a western terminal harbour, 1878
Canadian Northern Railway Company plan of divisional yard and passenger and freight terminals at Calgary, Alta
The Dominion of Canada and the Canadian Pacific Railway
Returns relative to the letting of the railway work between Emory's Bar and Port Moody, B.C
Letter to the Secretary of State, Canada, in reference to the report of the Canadian Pacific Railway Royal Commission
Link with a Lonely Land : the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway
Speech on the Canadian Pacific Railway : delivered in the House of Commons, Ottawa, on February 8, 1884
Pacific Railway, Canada : Britannicus letters, &c., thereon
Some startling facts relating to the Canadian Pacific Railway and the North-West lands
British railways and the war
The facts about the writ
Direct route through the North-West Territories of Canada to the Pacific Ocean : the chartered Hudson's Bay & Pacific Railway routes (with a map)
The Winnipeg and North Pacific Railway, the great highway of the new North-West : the route and its advantages, the country and its resources
To the Klondike and gold fields of the Yukon
Speech of Hon. A.W. McLelan on the second reading of a bill to incorporate the Pacific Railway Company in the Senate, Ottawa, Wednesday & Thursday, Feb. 9 & 10, 1881
The Hudson Bay road (1498-1915)
Polar Bear Express Country
A Canadian tour: a reprint of letters from the special correspondent of The Times.
Sessional papers relating to the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1883-84.
The Matane and Gaspé Railway : an attractive and scenic route to the newest seaside resorts and the most prolific of fish and game territories
The new West : extending from the Great Lakes across plain and mountain to the golden shores of the Pacific : wealth and growth, manufacturing and commercial interests
Government control of coal and rent, railways & shipping
Alberta Report Magazine
Grain, grass, and gold fields of south-western Canada : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada : described as a mixed farming and mining country
From Ontario to the Pacific by the C.P.R.
Nova Scotia : glimpses of Halifax and surroundings along the lines of the Dominion Atlantic and Central Railways
Report of the Minister of Justice
Report of Dr. Adam Shortt, commissioner investigating the economic conditions and operations of the British Columbia Electric Railway Company and subsidiary companies [...]
Lethbridge : a railway centre with the mineral resources of Pittsburg and the agriculture territory of Minneapolis
Goudie's perpetual sleigh road supersedes the railway : and is capable of carrying passengers at rate of eighty to one hundred miles an hour : from the Atlantic ...
Strathcona : the railway, industrial, educational centre of the province
Peace River Country and How to Reach It
The North-west Transportation, Navigation and Railway Company ; its objectives
Letter from Colonel James Macleod to Mary Macleod, July 20, 1887
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