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Commemorative biographical record of the county of York, Ontario : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and many of the early settled families
Annual report, Calgary Stampede. 1922
Alberta Bills: 18th Legislature, 3rd Session
A bibliography of Canada's peoples : supplement 1, 1972-1979
Earl Haig during Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Emerald Mountains, Field, British Columbia.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard), Grey Owl and Omer Levesque, Cabano, Quebec.
Grey Owl with Lovat Dickson standing beside a car, England.
Grey Owl standing outside in native clothing.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard), Ontario.
Jack Brewster and Bill Oliver during filmmaking for Stalking Big Game, Alberta.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard), Saskatchewan.
Dawn Grey Owl, Saskatchewan.
Grey Owl cabin, Beaver Lodge, Saskatchewan.
Grey Owl with baby beaver, Saskatchewan.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard), Dawn Grey Owl and Louis LaVallee, Saskatchewan.
Dawn and Bob Richardson at Grey Owl exhibit, Hastings, England.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard) and friends, Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard).
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard) and Mrs. Ward, Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard) and daughter Katherine Moltke.
Dawn Richardson and Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard), Beaver Lodge, Saskatchewan.
Grave marker of Dawn Richardson, Beaver Lodge, Saskatchewan.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard) receives Order of Nature from International League for Animal Rights, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Grey Owl and daughter Dawn, Saskatchewan.
Slim Massey, Archie Belaney and Bill Draper standing outside in forest, Biscotasing, Ontario.
Grey Owl and his wife Yvonne Perrier.
Grey Owl at Beaver Lodge, Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan.
Grey Owl wearing snowshoes and holding a rifle.
Grey Owl standing beside canoe at a lake.
Grey Owl, Laya Rotenberg, and Lovat Dickson standing beside a car, England.
Grey Owl and Dawn with group of people.
Grey Owl and Dawn with group of people.
Grey Owl wearing a scarf and dark suit.
Grey Owl in native clothing.
Grey Owl aboard ship with Yvonne Perrier returning from England.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 1140, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Trapper Emile Lambert's cabin at Little Buffalo River, Northwest Territories.
Grey Owl in native clothing in Ontario.
Grey Owl at his cabin, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba.
Grey Owl at his cabin, Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba.
Grey Owl at Indians Defence League of America border crossing celebration, Niagara Falls.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard).