Pond west of Wolstenholme, Québec
[Lucien Bouchard thinks about becoming the next premier of Quebec.]
Drying seal meat, Sugluk, Québec
Revillon Freres' post in winter at Nemiscau, Quebec.
Launch on Wakeham Bay, Quebec.
Revillon post at Port Harrison, Hudson Bay, Quebec.
Revillon Freres buildings, Fort Chimo, Quebec.
Joseph Bercuson, Montreal, Quebec.
Inuit boats at Whale river, Quebec.
Glacial material, Wolstenholme, Québec
Mémoire sur les noms de rues soumis au Conseil municipal de Québec
Rogue dog!'
Glacial material, Wolstenholme, Québec
Inuit tents at Ungava, Quebec.
[Canadian Pacific Railway moves its head office from Montreal, Quebec to Calgary, Alberta.]
'What do you mean if we separate, will I still love you?' 'I have a list of services I would like to continue...''
Hudson's Bay Company buildings, Fort Chimo, Quebec.
Canadian history: the siege and blockade of Quebec by Generals Montgomery and Arnold, in 1775-76
Charles N. Stephen at Fur School, Montreal, Quebec.
Settlement at Wakeham Bay, Quebec.
Building police post at Port Harrison, Québec
Hudson's Bay company post, Fort Chimo, Quebec.
Revillon Freres' building at Ungava, Quebec.
Wolstenholme Post, Québec
Hudson's Bay Company post, Whale River, Quebec.
To dream the impossible dream...Quebecker to be launched into orbit.'
Le Québec de 1663
Bill Watt, Hudson's Bay Company post manager, Fort Chimo, Quebec.
Hudson's Bay Company employees, Fort Chimo, Quebec.
W. B. Gawley, Revillon Freres employee, Fort Chimo, Quebec.
Okay...now where was I?'
Arrival of stores at Fort McKenzie, Quebec.
Revillon Freres' post at Ungava, Quebec.
Revillon Freres' post at Stratton Island, James Bay, Quebec.
Bishop Fleming with Inuit at Fort Chimo, Quebec.
John Blackhall with loaded dog sled, Fort Chimo, Quebec.
Camoquist, Naskapi from Fort Chimo, Quebec.
Inuit from George River, Quebec with dog sleds.
Canada without Quebec...Quebec without Canada...At last we have something in common.'
First Nations men carrying freight over portage, James Bay area, Quebec.
Portaging on Rupert River, Quebec.
Revillon Freres' post at Stratton Island, James Bay, Quebec.
Inuit dogs at Port Harrison, Hudson Bay, Quebec.
Québec, 1954
Hudson's Bay Company store, Fort McKenzie, Quebec.
[Quebec defends its borders.]
R.M.S. Nascopie at Wolstenholme, Québec
Thierry Mallet and party on expedition up Rupert River, Quebec.
Inuit couple in clothing atRevillon post, Ungava, Quebec.
Terrace and beach ridges east of Wolstenholme, Québec
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