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[Chretien speaks to the nation about the impending referendum on Quebec sovereignty.]
Meanwhile in Canada they had a civil war. No shots were fired, no one died, and not much was decided - how Canadian can you get?'
[Lucien Bouchard thinks about becoming the next premier of Quebec.]
Jean Chretien you just won the referendum vote! Where do you go from here? I'm hoping for Disneyland.'
A word with Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Head.'
In your face politics...'
[Lucien Bouchard and Jean Chretien.]
News item - Quebec demands $1.9 billion from Ottawa as compensation for merging GST with Quebec sales tax...'
Rogue dog!'
'So tell us, Monsieur Bouchard, should Quebec ever separate from Canada, what kind of future can Quebec's Inuit expect?' 'Security? Some kind of hairy beasts have wandered into my office!''
What in hell did they think was the point of the whole thing?'
News item - Separatists unveil statue of de Gaulle in Quebec City.'
Same ol' Halloween, same ol' monster...'Yeh, yeh, boo to you too!''
Okay...now where was I?'
To dream the impossible dream...Quebecker to be launched into orbit.'
'What do you mean if we separate, will I still love you?' 'I have a list of services I would like to continue...''
Students protest War Measures Act, Calgary, Alberta.
Review of the British war literature on the Polish problem : translated from Uwagi (observations), a Polish quarterly appearing in Geneva, January, 1916, A
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