[Quebec defends its borders.]
[Trudeau unconcerned with new poll showing small increase in support for independence in Quebec.]
What in hell did they think was the point of the whole thing?'
[The possible two roads the citizens of Quebec could travel.]
Apparently, Monsieur Klein is ignorant of Quebec's historic position in confederation!'
[Quebec Premier Rene Levesque leads 'yes' side to separation referendum.]
[Quebec gets on Ottawa's back.]
'So tell us, Monsieur Bouchard, should Quebec ever separate from Canada, what kind of future can Quebec's Inuit expect?' 'Security? Some kind of hairy beasts have wandered into my office!''
[Quebec's separatism issue is really a wolf in sheep's clothing.]
Same ol' Halloween, same ol' monster...'Yeh, yeh, boo to you too!''
News item - Quebec demands $1.9 billion from Ottawa as compensation for merging GST with Quebec sales tax...'
'What do you mean if we separate, will I still love you?' 'I have a list of services I would like to continue...''
[Jacques Parizeau spreading fear.]
To dream the impossible dream...Quebecker to be launched into orbit.'
Point .... counter-point.'
[Lucien Bouchard thinks about becoming the next premier of Quebec.]
[Sovereignty turns into a monster of an issue.]
[Former premier has nose for politics.]
Rogue dog!'
Meanwhile in Canada they had a civil war. No shots were fired, no one died, and not much was decided - how Canadian can you get?'
Okay...now where was I?'
Three things that happen on a regular basis. 'Uh...Halloween...Christmas...Quebec Referendum...?''
Shame...Parizeau and his goblins missed the more appropriate date by only one day.'
Canada without Quebec...Quebec without Canada...At last we have something in common.'
Halt.... who goes.... ?'
Playing the heartstrings...'
[New face on French government building.]
It's new .. it's improved ... washes faster, cleaner, whiter ....'
[Referendum 'No' vote explodes with majority in Rene Levesque's face.]
Ed Stelmach says Alberta wants a chunckof [chunk of] the...uh...action. 'I had to bring up this nation within a nation thing!''
Sink or swim.'
[The 'sovereignty' canoe will not be tipped.]
[Quebec cuts itself away from Canada.]
No matter how thin you slice it... it's still baloney'
In your face politics...'
We have something like him in Ottawa.'
[Lucien Bouchard and Jean Chretien.]
Slippery lil' devil.'
News item - Separatists unveil statue of de Gaulle in Quebec City.'
Jean Chretien you just won the referendum vote! Where do you go from here? I'm hoping for Disneyland.'
[Chretien speaks to the nation about the impending referendum on Quebec sovereignty.]
A word with Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Head.'
Start the car, Bouchard! Beaver huntin' season is open!'
Uneasy lies the head....'
It's cold out there!'
The Rookie'
Arret! Arret!... stop... cease... whoa!!'
[Rene Levesque on Wall Street, promoting Quebec separatism].
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