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Second Century Week - the university students' major Centennial project: a review of the events hosted by the University of Calgary
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian peoples and their institutions. Volume 5 : United Canada, 1840-1867
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian people and their institutions.  Volume 6, Section 4 : the Dominion : political evolution, Part 1
Addresses delivered to Canadian Club of Ottawa : 1903-1909
Alberta : past and present, historical and biographical
Gauntlet, Volume 017, Number 020
Gauntlet, Volume 019, Number 035
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 014, Number 028
Sink or swim.'
[New face on French government building.]
[Former premier has nose for politics.]
[Quebec defends its borders.]
We have something like him in Ottawa.'
It's the Louis XIV look... I think it does something for my new look'
Halt.... who goes.... ?'
The Rookie'
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau skips out, from being pressed on Quebec issues.]
Slippery lil' devil.'
[Rene Levesque on Wall Street, promoting Quebec separatism].
Uneasy lies the head....'
No matter how thin you slice it... it's still baloney'
It's new .. it's improved ... washes faster, cleaner, whiter ....'
Point .... counter-point.'
[Quebec's separatism issue is really a wolf in sheep's clothing.]
[The possible two roads the citizens of Quebec could travel.]
[Quebec Premier Rene Levesque leads 'yes' side to separation referendum.]
[Referendum 'No' vote explodes with majority in Rene Levesque's face.]
[Trudeau unconcerned with new poll showing small increase in support for independence in Quebec.]
[Quebec cuts itself away from Canada.]
[Quebec gets on Ottawa's back.]
[The 'sovereignty' canoe will not be tipped.]
[Sovereignty turns into a monster of an issue.]
What price the Monroe Doctrine now?'
L'Canada Fact: the view from the west.'
You'll be sorry when I leave!'
The shadow of politics.'
Arret! Arret!... stop... cease... whoa!!'
Keep it well fed and it won't give you any problems'
[Despite the victory of the Party Quebequois, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau suffers little drop in popularity.]
Canada without Quebec...Quebec without Canada...At last we have something in common.'
Ed Stelmach says Alberta wants a chunckof [chunk of] the...uh...action. 'I had to bring up this nation within a nation thing!''
Apparently, Monsieur Klein is ignorant of Quebec's historic position in confederation!'
Playing the heartstrings...'
Shame...Parizeau and his goblins missed the more appropriate date by only one day.'
Start the car, Bouchard! Beaver huntin' season is open!'
[Jacques Parizeau spreading fear.]
It's cold out there!'
Three things that happen on a regular basis. 'Uh...Halloween...Christmas...Quebec Referendum...?''
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