Festival '72
The Ronald B. Bond Bach organ inaugural festival and symposium, September 22-30, 2006
Report on the operations of the University Theatre Services / Special Events Office, April 1980 - March 1981
The Reeve Theatre, the University of Calgary: detailed design proposal 1978
Research report for the University of Calgary Public Affairs Office
The Rozsa Centre: hear the world, November 2-15, 1997
Faculty of Social Sciences scholarly publications 1998
Faculty of Social Sciences scholarly publications 1995
A plan for a public community junior college for Calgary
New Fine Arts Building: preliminary program capital cost budget
Faculty of Social Sciences scholarly publications 2000
Academic planning report no. 2: working papers for internal discussion (re-printed July 1968)
Public land in urban areas: paper presented to the Symposium on the Management of Public Lands in Canada, October 1973
Faculty of Social Sciences scholarly publications 1999
Academic planning report no. 2: working papers for internal discussion (re-printed September 1969)
Faculty of Social Sciences scholarly publications 1999 revised
Proposal on University Theatres
Faculty of Social Sciences scholarly publications, 1992
Department of Biology faculty publications, 1987
University of Alberta information for members of the academic staff: interim publication
The state of the art of Middle Eastern studies, August 1-3, 1986 final report
ART 537-01 ART 513-51 W1995
ART 535-01 ART 513-50 F1994
Detailed design proposal for the Biological Sciences Building 1968
ART 543-02 ART 513-53 F1995
ART 581-01 ART 513-58 F1994
ART 551-01 ART 513-54 F1994
ART 571-01 ART 513-56 F1994
ART 573-01 ART 513-57 W1995
ART 345 F1994
ART 553-01 ART 513-55 W1995
ART 583-01 ART 513-59 F1995
ART 541-01 ART 513-52 F1994
ART 347 W1995
Analysis of research productivity at the University of Calgary as evidenced by scholarly publications for the year 1989
Keynes versus Wagner: public expenditure and national income for three African countries
ART 699 F1994
Public reaction to the request by the Senate of the University of Calgary for input on the draft statement of mission, the University of Calgary
Faculty of Education, University of Alberta at Calgary brief to the Elementary School Program Commission, Calgary Public School Board
Feasibility study: proposed addition to Arts Building courtyard
Proposal for Science IIIC - Tower
Dean's series on engineering education: #1 engineering as a liberal art
Profile of the Alberta post-secondary system: current context and selected trends affecting public post-secondary education, background discussion paper
Detailed program of Biological Sciences Building, stage I
A type 'A' proposal for a B.F.A. (dance) degree program in the Faculty of Fine Arts
28th annual CHACMOOL Conference: archaeology into the new millennium: public or perish - program and abstracts, November 10-12, 1995
An inventory of research in progress, publications and teaching specializations and interest in the urban field at the University of Calgary�
Response to a Report Prepared for the Department of Advanced Education by L.W. Downey Research Associates Ltd. on Advanced Education in the Fine and Performing Arts in Alberta
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