For all prisoners and captives : the work of the Prisoners of War Information Bureau
Prisoners of war information bureau in London : a study, The
To make men traitors: Germany's attempts to seduce her prisoners-of-war
Quality of mercy : how British prisoners of war were taken to Germany in 1914, The
Reprisals against prisoners of war : correspondence between the International Red Cross Committee and the British government
An agreement between the British and German governments concerning combatant and civilian prisoners of war
Agreement between the British and Ottoman governments respecting prisoners of war and civilians
Turkish prisoners in Egypt : a report by the delegates of the International Committee of the Red Cross
Correspondence between His Majesty's government and the United States ambassador respecting the treatment of German prisoners of war and interned civilians in the United Kingdom
Does the British Navy take prisoners?
Horrors of Wittenberg : official report of the British Government, The. Second edition
Correspondence relative to the alleged ill-treatment of German subjects captured in the Cameroons
Correspondence respecting the use of police dogs in prisoners' camps in Germany
Dr. James Currie and the French prisoners of war in Liverpool, 1800-1801 : from unpublished letters and reports kept at the London Record Office and at the Public Library Liverpool
Spanish prisoner in a German camp: twenty-one months of captivity, A
British civilian prisoners in German East Africa : a report
Prisoners of War and How They Fare
Three times and out
Case of Edith Cavell : a study of the rights of non-combatants, The
Kaiser's guest, The
Liberty of the subject : Lord Shaw of Dunfermline's judgment in the Zadig case, The
Return to an address of the Legislative Assembly to the Lieutenant-Governor [...]
I appeal unto Cæsar : the case of the conscientious objector. Third edition
Papers relating to German atrocities, and breaches of the rules of war, in Africa
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