Apparently, Monsieur Klein is ignorant of Quebec's historic position in confederation!'
[Former premier has nose for politics.]
'So tell us, Monsieur Bouchard, should Quebec ever separate from Canada, what kind of future can Quebec's Inuit expect?' 'Security? Some kind of hairy beasts have wandered into my office!''
[Quebec Premier Rene Levesque leads 'yes' side to separation referendum.]
Same ol' Halloween, same ol' monster...'Yeh, yeh, boo to you too!''
Point .... counter-point.'
[Jacques Parizeau spreading fear.]
News item - Quebec demands $1.9 billion from Ottawa as compensation for merging GST with Quebec sales tax...'
Anyone got openers?'
Playing the heartstrings...'
'What do you mean if we separate, will I still love you?' 'I have a list of services I would like to continue...'' where was I?'
To dream the impossible dream...Quebecker to be launched into orbit.'
In your face politics...'
[The 'sovereignty' canoe will not be tipped.]
It's new .. it's improved ... washes faster, cleaner, whiter ....'
Stage door Johnnies.'
[Lucien Bouchard and Jean Chretien.]
Start the car, Bouchard! Beaver huntin' season is open!'
[New face on French government building.]
[Sovereignty turns into a monster of an issue.]
Would you care to buy an Olympics?'
Halt.... who goes.... ?'
No matter how thin you slice it... it's still baloney'
Got a match, sailor?'
Slippery lil' devil.'
Uneasy lies the head....'
We have something like him in Ottawa.'
[Quebec claims victory over public sector.]
Vieilles maisons de Québec : première série
[Quebec cuts itself away from Canada.]
Siège de Québec en 1759
[Lucien Bouchard thinks about becoming the next premier of Quebec.]
[Canadian constitution compared to a red rose.]
[The possible two roads the citizens of Quebec could travel.]
First Ministers’ constitutional talks
Le vieux Québec. Tome premier
[Trudeau dealing with Quebec and Western alienation.]
Testing ... testing ...'
Let's compromise... we'll ask her for a loan instead.'
Quebec's tercentenary
[What's next, a hanging or a shoot-out?]
Merry Christmas'
[Rene Levesque courts French Premiers.]
'Check one...doesn't work...wrong for the times...unintelligible...frightens neighbors...or fabricates.' 'Can I check them all?''
I think it's time to go back to cigarettes.'
Monseigneur de Laval, premier évêque de Québec
[Justice Minister Jean Chretien is 'Big Bad Wolf', threatening Quebec and Premier Rene Levesque with constitutional reform.]
Here, kitty .... nice kitty.'
Le Vénérable François de Montmorency-Laval, premier évêque de Québec
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