Twin Falls, Yoho Valley, B.C.
The Yoho Road. Switchback.
Snowslide. Yoho Road. Field.
The Yoho Road.
Twin Falls. Yoho Valley.
Kicking Horse River at Field. B.C.
Yoho Canyon
The Switchback. Yoho Road.
Yoho Road Switchback
Mt. Stephen, Field, B.C.
The Switchback. Yoho Road.
Yoho Glacier.
Yoho Valley Bungalow Camp.
Yoho Valley Bungalow Camp.
Laughing Falls, Yoho Valley.
"Meeting of the Waters." The Yoho and Kicking Horse Rivers.
Kicking Horse Canyon
Cathedral Mtn.
Takakaw Falls. Yoho Valley.
Meeting of the Waters. Yoho Valley.
Takakaw Falls, Yoho Valley.
The Switchback. Yoho Road.
Mt. Burgess. Emerald Lake.
Snow Peak Avenue, Field, B.C.
Kicking Horse Canyon.
Kicking Horse Canyon.
Takakkaw Falls and Daly Glacier. Yoho Valley.
The Loop. Glacier. B.C.
Lower Spiral Tunnels and Yoho Valley.
Kicking Horse Canyon.
Takakkaw Falls.
Club House. Mt. Burgess. Emerald Lake.
Cathedral Peak and Yoho Rd.
Cathedral Peak.
The Season's greetings. Mt. Burgess, Canadian Rockies
Snow Tunnel. Yoho Road.
On Field Hill.
Lake O'Hara.
Emerald Lake.
To Takakaw Falls.
[Great Divide Gate on Highway]
Field Hill. Mt. Stephen.
Mt. Burgess. Emerald Lake.
Golden. B.C.
Takakaw Falls.
Takakaw Falls.
Twin Falls.
Mount Stephen, Field
Takakaw Falls.
Natural Bridge, Field.
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