[Government giving advice.]
Acid rain.'
[Canadian government takes a beating.]
[Spring brings budding political flowers.]
It's a guess, mind you ... but I'd say its origins came from some form of tribal dispute.'
[Petrocan unpopular with all political parties.]
Same old script.'
[Television test pattern more interesting than politics.]
[Armchair politics.]
[Ottawa blows smoke in the face of aboriginal rights.]
[Ottawa's size six too small for Calgary city unions.]
Another example of government decree running rampant!'
You're on your own.'
Jaws III.'
[Political candidate extends his glad-hand, unfortunately remains stranded before federal election.]
[Prime Minister Joe Clark is seeking insight into political life.]
[Alberta government walks tightrope between Peigans and Farmers, on irrigation issue.]
Monetary Reform political speech
'Find out what's going on in there!' 'Are you out of your mind? That's federal jurisdiction!''
Forty million dollars is not my idea of a cheap cut of beef.'
We would've given you a 21 gun salute, but the stupid government moved our soldiers to Ed...[Edmonton]'
[Petrocan treated as 'ugly duckling' by Ottawa.]
3 man wrecking crew.'
Rule Britannia........'
[Political log rolling.]
It's the Canadian trade deligation....'
[New face on French government building.]
Strong man Khadafy.'
Political punching bag'
Fast, fast relief?'
Socreds finally beaten after 36 yrs. in business.'
The choice is simple ... the future plain.'
[Leader of the opposition, Liberal Party of Canada, Pierre Elliott Trudeau thinks he operates above stormy political realities.]
Little house on the prairies.'
The clown act.'
Request permission for takeoff.'
I seem to be having these recurring pains, doctor!'
For a peaceful demonstration don't you think cruising for a bruising is a little too ... militant?'
It's a rare but harmless affliction.... known as government largesse.'
[Uranium cartel loot bag gets tossed to mining companies.]
Ed Stelmach says Alberta wants a chunckof [chunk of] the...uh...action. 'I had to bring up this nation within a nation thing!''
[Alberta's Premier Peter Lougheed views constitutional amendments as a 'black cloud'.]
[Former Prime Minister Joe Clark goes back to work.]
[Calgary municipal government tries to keep a lid on spending requests.]
I just love horror stories'
In your face politics...'
Fiddling around.'
[Prime Minister Joe Clark goes fishing in political waters for support. But the Social Credit Party of Canada, is not taking the bait.
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