Inauguration du monument érigé à Chicoutimi à la mémoire de William Evan Price, 24 juin 1882
Henri Bourassa : biographie, index des écrits, index de la correspondance publique, 1895-1924
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 19
Histoire de La Tuque à travers ses maires, (1911-1977)
The Explorations of Jonathan Oldbuck, F.G.S.Q., in Eastern latitudes : Canadian history, legends, scenery, sport
Lieux et monuments historiques de l'Est du Québec
Secondary sources in the history of Canadian medicine : a bibliography. Volume 2
Twixt Hill and Vale : A Story of Rathwell and Surrounding District
25th annual CHACMOOL Conference: the archaeology of contact, process and consequences - programme and abstracts, November 12-15-1992
Milestones & Memories
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian people and their institutions. Volume 23, Section 12 : general index; manuscript sources; bibliography; chronological outlines; historical tables
Peace River remembers : Peace River, Alberta, and adjacent districts
Proposals for increased response through teaching, scholarship and service to the expectations of the Native Peoples of Alberta
Sudbury's people
Under Eight Flags: Vol. 1
1920-01-02 - 1923-11-09

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