I think you care more for those stupid crocodiles that you do me!'
[Tightrope walking to the legislature.]
[Petrocan unpopular with all political parties.]
[Spring brings budding political flowers.]
I think it's another gov't. ploy to interfere in our historical right to express ourselves.'
Reform Party wants to go provincial...' [The potential threat of a Reform Party of Alberta might force Ralph Klein to clean up his political image.]
Typical gov't compromise!'
Believe me, if we don't pull up our socks, we'll end up dinosaurs!'
I'm a victim of the democratic process.'
[Former premier has nose for politics.]
Another example of government decree running rampant!'
[Armchair politics.]
[Federal Finance Minister John Crosbie banishes the government watchdog from his duties.]
Well ... there goes the neighborhood!'
...Now let's get on with solving this inflation business.'
I'm Too Busy.'
A Good Team.'
Passing Shadows.'
What an Election!'
[Quebec defends its borders.]
Over the Hills to the Poor House.'
The Taxpayer Pays.'
Peter the Great...?'
Will He Follow Pattullo's Lead?'
Nanook, there, isn't quite ready for the call from Ottawa... A few bugs cropped up in his solar heating concept.'
A Prolonged Eclipse.'
It Might Take the Hide off the People to Repay these Loans.'
You Can Fool Some of the People .....'
King for a Day.'
[Ottawa promotes better home insulation.]
Rubber Stamping the Ballo(o)ney Candidates.'
Look ... what did I tell you .... ROMAN numerals!'
[Alberta Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Don Getty, gets tough with oil companies.]
[It's barbecue season.]
King Canute.'
He Floats Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease.'
It's the Bounty, skipper ... says they're shipping grain out of Vancouver, again.'
The moth and the flame.'
[Prime Minister Joe Clark is seeking insight into political life.]
[Werner Schmidt, Social Credit leader gives up reins of dead horse!]
[Canadian citizen willing to job share with the prime minister.]
[Television test pattern more interesting than politics.]
Here's a good one, Looie...acquitals $9,995.98...convictions $99.98...appeals...'
[Deceased former Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker continues constitutional debate.]
[United States dealing arms to Middle East, Saudis.]
Tomorrow the world!'
Preston Manning got a new hairdo, then voice lessons, then his eyes done. What's next?'
Mixed emotions'
It's a low-mileage unit ... driven by a sweet, little old premier!'
I'm tellin' ya, slasher ... that Trudeau gets my vote!'
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