Floyd Peters Calf Roping, Photo by Oliver
Calgary Stampede, Floyd Peters, calf roping
Floyd Peters of Cardston calf roping, Calgary Stampede
CBC/ Queen's University: The National Arts Centre Orchestra, Mario Bernardi, Maureen Forrester, 1978
CBC: International Music Day, October 1, 1978
VOX Magazine, August-September 1987, Issue 43
Rodeo Royal Program, 1979
University of Calgary, Convocation, November 1986
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1984. Half million dollar rodeo
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 1990. Half million dollar rodeo
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1985. Half million dollar rodeo
From ripples to waves : Greenwater Lake Provincial Park and district
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1968
HTST 591-54 W2006
Stampede prize list and rules, Calgary Stampede. 1946
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1953
Department of Medical Genetics 1999 annual report
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1963
Medical Biochemistry annual report 1976-77
Iron Ring 1976–78, Faculty of Engineering Yearbook, University of Calgary
Division of Medical Biochemistry annual report 1977
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 1979. Parade program
Rodeo Royal Program, 1980
EDPA 659 F1983
Profiles : Metis settlements and First Nations, June 2003
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1950
Profiles : Metis settlements and First Nations, February 2002
EDPA 659 F1984
University of Calgary Convocation, 1967
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1988. Half million dollar rodeo
Update 1990 Faculty of Social Work
Carstairs school days
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1956
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 1987. Half million dollar rodeo
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1979
University of Calgary Convocation, November 1973
Profiles : Metis settlements and First Nations, June 2001
A History of Sombra Township
VOX Magazine, November 1988, Issue 59
Adelaide Township : WWII Armed Forces-- their stories
A History of the County of Antigonish, Nova Scotia
University of Calgary Convocation, October, 1970
University of Calgary Convocation, May 1966
VOX Magazine, February 1993, Issue 108
University of Calgary Convocation, Part II, June 4th, 1987
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 2002. Rodeo program
Goodridge through the years
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1989. Half million dollar rodeo
Profiles : Metis settlements and First Nations, January 2003
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