Kituskeenow cultural land-use and occupancy study
A northern dilemma: reference papers
Group from Valleyview, n.d.
As their natural resources fail : native peoples and the economic history of Northern Manitoba, 1870-1930
Stories from Indian wigwams and northern campfires
Canadian savage folk: the native tribes of Canada
Alene Paige, n.d.
Group from Sexsmith
Group from Beaverlodge, n.d.
Group from Hythe, n.d.
Mrs. L. F. Towes receiving an award, n.d.
Group including Jack Deltomb, n.d.
Forbes Church group, n.d.
Grande Prairie Spirit Foundation Bd.
G. A. James, c.1960
Pioneer Night with Henry McCallough, J. C. Mackie, Isabel Campbell, Dick Baristro, B. J. McTiemen
Isabel Campbell and Grant MacEwan, c.1982
Douglas Starkey surveying
Peace River Regional Planning Conference
George Repka, c.1960
Isabel Campbell at Library card catalogue, c.1960 (colour)
AMA opens new home with Fred D. Jenner and Mayor George Repka
Isabel Campbell presentation, c.1980
Peace River Regional Planning Conference
Major Ben Hagen
Education for dual citizenship: an open letter to Canada's Native Peoples
Blackfoot ghost dance, The
My people the Bloods
Proposals for increased response through teaching, scholarship and service to the expectations of the Native Peoples of Alberta
Sami potatoes : living with reindeer and perestroika
Alberta Stoney (Assiniboin) Origins and Adaptations: A Case for Reappraisal
Vanishing Stoney Indians, The
Warriors of the rock: Basic social structure of the mountain bands of Stoney Indians at Morley, Alberta
Native Health Careers Program, Old Sun Community College and the University of Calgary, Summary Report
Through Canada with a Kodak
Souvenirs d'un missionnaire en Colombie Britannique
Handbook of Indians of Canada: published as an appendix to the tenth report of the Geographic Board of Canada
Sacred objects and sacred places : preserving tribal traditions
The  drama of the forests : romance and adventure
Building a Vision: the University of Calgary institutional development plan (1991) implementation report
The Faculty of Continuing Education
The social life of stories : narrative and knowledge in the Yukon Territory.
Blackfoot lodge tales : the story of a prairie people
Native education in Canada and the United States: a bibliography
The apostle of the north, Rev. James Evans
Neo-Aleut  same information harpoon and spear heads[...]
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