Pembina country : land of promise
Martin Fjeldstad, Alberta.
Walter Mentz, Alberta.
Charles Paterson, Alberta.
Arne Nielsen, Socony Vacuum oil company, Edmonton, Alberta.
Angus MacNeill sitting at desk, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Social Credit League convention, Calgary, Alberta.
R. S. McKenzie coal distributor office, Edmonton, Alberta.
Farm yard flooded by the Pembina River, near Entwistle, Alberta.
University of Alberta residences, Edmonton, Alberta.
Alberta Oilmen's curling bonspiel champions, Calgary, Alberta.
Freshmen being hazed at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.
Trail Through the Pembina Valley, 1790-1912
Roy C. Marler, Edmonton, Alberta.
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway bridge over Pembina River, Alberta.
Soldier members of Alberta Legislature, Edmonton, Alberta.
Aerial view of University of Alberta campus, Edmonton, Alberta.
George Isaacs, Alberta.
Mr. Trace, Alberta.
Mr. Reiman, Alberta.
Mr. Margolus, Alberta.
George Austin, Alberta.
Jack Hampson, Alberta.
Carl Antonson, Calgary, Alberta.
Art Thornton, Alberta.
Bob Armstrong, Alberta.
Andrew Borys, Alberta.
J. Wagner, Edmonton, Alberta.
Arthur Wigmore, Calgary, Alberta.
Mary Hart, Calgary, Alberta.
Stewart Wright, Alberta.
Sam Simpson, Alberta.
Christopher Pattinson, Alberta.
James D. Magill, Alberta.
Major Lorne Ingle, Alberta.
J. H. Dowler, Alberta.
Eric W. Cormack, Alberta.
Archie Olstad, Alberta.
John Hannoehko, Alberta.
E. S. Marken, Alberta.
J. W. Lee, Alberta.
Robert T. Alderman, Calgary, Alberta.
Charles Keeley, Alberta.
Mr. Johns, Alberta.
F. Peers, Alberta.
Frances Mjolsness, Alberta.
Winifred Scott, Alberta.
James East, Alberta.
Ruth Cherry, Alberta.
K. Argue, Alberta.
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