Cypress Hills country
Calgary, Then and Now
Calgary : then and now
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1955
Exhibition prize list, Calgary Stampede. 1944
Family Centennial Celebration: Ulliac, Duigou, Cosperec, Le Rouzic, 1914-2014
Shadows of the Neutrals and Open memory's door
Ponoka Panorama
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1953
Hazlet & its heritage
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1961
Stampede prize list and rules, Calgary Stampede. 1934
Reflections : a history of Arelee and the districts of Balmae, Dreyer, Golden Valley, Light, Petroffsk, Raspberry Creek, Sunnyridge and Swastika
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1960
Blooming prairie : a history of Morrin and district
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 2007
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1925
Hardships & progress of Ukrainian pioneers : memoirs from Stuartburn colony and other points
Media guide, Calgary Stampede, 2007
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 2004. Evening grandstand performance and rangeland derby
Butte Stands Guard : Stavely and District
Banff, Alberta, Bylaws, 2001
From slate pencil to instant ink : Calgary's public, separate and private schools : accounts
Meet Southern Alberta
Alberta newspapers, 1880-1982
Calgary Herald's tales of the old town
Alberta Gazette 1975, part 1
Alberta Gazette 1983
Alberta Gazette 1977, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1982, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1990, Part 1
Okotoks : the Eldorado of south Alberta
Those Were the Days: The History of MacNutt, Calder, Dropmore, and the surrounding districts, 'pioneer to present'
Ogden whistle : a history of Millican, Ogden Flats, Maryland, Valleyfield, Bonnybrook, South Hill, Cepeear, Lynnwood, Lynwood Ridge, River Glen, Crestwood, C.P.R. Ogden Shops
Alberta Gazette 1980, Part 1
Lantern Years : Buffalo Park to Neutral Hills
From prairie to park : green spaces in Calgary
Hazlet & its heritage
Peace River remembers : Peace River, Alberta, and adjacent districts
Alberta Gazette 1976, part 1
The  Battle River Country: An Historical Sketch of Duhamel and District
Alberta Gazette 1959, part 1
Alberta Gazette 1981, Part 1
Alberta, 1954-1979 : a provincial bibliography
Alberta Hansard, 1984, May 16-Nov. 13
Alberta Gazette 1988, part 1
Alberta Gazette 1987
Alberta Gazette 1983, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1986, Part 1
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