Reports and documents in reference to the location of the line and a western terminal harbour, 1878
Pacific Railway, Canada : Britannicus letters, &c., thereon
The Pacific Railway : Britannicus' letters from the Ottawa Citizen
Letter to the Secretary of State, Canada, in reference to the report of the Canadian Pacific Railway Royal Commission
Some startling facts relating to the Canadian Pacific Railway and the North-West lands
When the steel went through, reminiscences of a railroad pioneer
The new West : extending from the Great Lakes across plain and mountain to the golden shores of the Pacific : wealth and growth, manufacturing and commercial interests
Eclipse or Empire? / by Herbert Branston Gray and Samuel Turner
Message relative to the terms of union with the Province of British Columbia
"Scare-mongerings," from the Daily mail, 1896-1914 : the paper that foretold the war
From Ontario to the Pacific by the C.P.R.
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 26, April 1912
Sessional papers relating to the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1883-84.
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVI, January to October, 1926
The Duration of Niagara Falls and the history of the Great Lakes
Cavalry journal. Vol. XX, January to October, 1930
Cavalry journal. Vol. V, January to October
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVII, January to October, 1927
Cavalry journal. Vol. III, January to October
Cavalry journal. Vol. IV, January to October
Cavalry journal. Vol. XV, January to October, 1925
[Cavalry journal. Vol. XVIII, January to April, 1928]
Cavalry journal. Vol. XIX, January to October, 1929
Description of the country between Lake Superior and the Pacific Ocean, on the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Cavalry journal. Vol. XII, January to October, 1922
Direct route through the North-West Territories of Canada to the Pacific Ocean : the chartered Hudson's Bay & Pacific Railway routes (with a map)
Kandahar in 1879
History of the British Navy during the war : adapted from Colonel John Buchan's History of the war, A
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 27, July 1912
Cavalry journal. Vol. XXI, January to October, 1931
Link with a Lonely Land : the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway
Canada on the Pacific
Through French eyes
Telegraphy, aeronautics and war
Letters from the front : being a record of the part played by officers of the bank in the Great War, 1914-1919. Vol. 2
Bridging the years : Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Why We Are at War: Great Britain's Case
Three years' war for peace. Second impression
The call of the West : letters from British Columbia
The Hudson Bay road (1498-1915)
Overland route through British North America ; or, The shortest and speediest road to the east
1915 zodiac almanac and good luck book : predictions of forthcoming events, compiled in accordance with the lore of the ancients and the best astrological principles
Diary of the Eleventh
Polar Bear Express Country
Peace with honour : controversial notes on the settlement. Second edition
Short history of the Dominion of Canada : from 1500 to 1878 : with the contemporaneous history of England and the United States
German war : some sidelights and reflections, The
Lunenburgh : or, The old Eastern District
Canada : the country, its people, religions, politics, rulers, and its apparent future : being a compendium of travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific
A cruise in the Pacific : from the log of a naval officer. Volume 2
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