Inventaire des permis de construction des archives de la ville de Québec, 1913-1930. Part C.
The story of the years : a history of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church, Canada, 1906-1916. Volume 3
Report of research grants 1982-1983
Our heroes in the Great World War : giving facts and details of Canada's part in the greatest war in history
Alberta Stock Exchange Bulletin 1993
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 8, no. 1 (January, 1938)
Report of research grants 1987-1988
Biography of the Hon. W.H. Merritt, M.P., of Lincoln, district of Niagara : including an account of the origin, progress and completion of some of the most important public works in Canada
The northern lancet and pharmacist. Vol. 4, [no. 6]
Report of Research Reports 1982-1983
Alberta Gazette 1988, Part 2
University of Calgary design documentation - support staff personnel information system
Airdrie Bylaws, 1981
EDPS 620-01 F1976
The story of Renfrew : from the coming of the first settlers about 1820 to 1928
Report of research grants 1983-1984
Report of research grants 1970-1971
FNCE 595-01 W1992
Reform Party Assembly delegates' package
Department of Mechanical Engineering The University of Calgary annual report 01 January  - 31 December, 1988
St. Nazaire to Singapore : the Canadian amphibious war, 1941-1945. Volume 2
Sport Medicine Centre annual report 1993 Faculty of Physical Education The University of Calgary
Department of Mechanical Engineering The University of Calgary annual report July 1, 1987 - June 30, 1988
Materials Management Department 2000-2001 statistics
Creating the Future of Health 5 Year Business Plan 2003/04 to 2007/08
Dundas, or, A sketch of Canadian History : and more particularly of the County of Dundas.
Response to the report of the visitation team - submitted to American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business
History of the North-West. Volume 2
Office of Institutional Research Report No. 19, The University of Calgary Historical Planning Documents for the Decade 1960-70, Appendix Volume 01
University of Calgary annual international health day: opportunities and challenges for the physician working in the developing world
The future development of the Department of Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering planning report no. 2
The University of Calgary Faculty of Education detailed program for Education Building (1970 program)
A Biographical history of Waterloo township and other townships of the county
Materials Management Department 2001-2002 second quarter report
Detailed program for the Education Building (1970)
Business Operations Third Quarter report 2007-2008
University Biochemistry Group annual report 1983
Electrical Engineering 1988 annual report
Canmore Alberta Bylaws 2004
Papers and records (Huron Institute). Volume 3
Detailed design proposal for Centre Block 1971 East (project no. 5097)
Commemorative biographical record of the county of York, Ontario : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and many of the early settled families
Department of Clinical Neurosciences Faculty of Medicine, annual report 1998
Alberta Regulations 1977, part 2
Alberta Stock Exchange Bulletin 1987
Alberta Bills: 21st Legislature, 2nd Session
Diseases of the spinal cord and medulla oblongata
Kananaskis Field Stations annual report 1994-95
Robertson's landmarks of Toronto : a collection of historical sketches of the old town of York from 1792 until 1833, and of Toronto from 1834 to 1914. Volume 6
Alberta Gazette 1985, Part 2
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