Strathmore irrigation office from Clubhouse lawn, Strathmore, Alberta.
Drop number 1 main canal, Western section, discharging 1195 feet per second, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Meadow in front of Strathmore irrigation headquarters, Strathmore, Alberta.
Drop number 1 main canal, discharging 1400 feet per second, SE 1/4 A-24-28-W4, Alberta.
Rebuilt Inverlake flume, length 312', width 5.5', depth 4', in SE 1/4 12-25-27-W4, Alberta.
Holdup gates, Secondary A canal, SW 1/4 31-23-27-W4, Langdon, Alberta.
Break in fill number 2 Glenrose Canal, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Horses on George Lane's ranch, Strangmuir, Alberta.
Washout at Carseland distributary bank gate, Carseland, Alberta.
Addamans' ranch, 23-21-26-W4, Alberta.
New concrete drop number 12A, secondary A canal, Gleichen, SW 1/4 2-23-23-W4, Alberta.
12 acres alfalfa irrigated 3 times, yield 34 1/2 tons, James Allen, SW 1/4 6-23-25-W4, Alberta.
Mr. K. Stoehr and garden, Western Stock Ranch, Cluny, Alberta.
Drop 8A, passing 325 feet per second, Strathmore, Alberta.
Repair work, Dalroy flume and drop, Dalroy area, Alberta.
Snow on trees and superintendent's house, irrigation headquarters, Strathmore, Alberta.
Break in fill number 1, Glenrose canal, Glenrose area, Alberta.
Finnis flume, East branch C Canal, Mile 51, NW 1/4 30-26-23-W4, Alberta.
Drop number 2A, Langdon, Alberta, passing 412 feet per second.
Superintendent's residence, Strathmore irrigation headquarters, from meadow, Strathmore, Alberta.
Linkhart flume, length 294', diameter 3'93/4', built 1926, in SE 1/4 17-24-27-W4, Langdon district, Alberta.
Irrigated wheat field of E. Klavers, SW 1/4 7-24-23-W4, Elwood, Alberta.
Part of nearly 3,000 bronze turkeys owned by Mrs. Nellie Dukelow Freeman, Bean Desire Ranch, 20-25-25-W4, Alberta.
Cottages numbers 6, 7, and 8, Strathmore headquarters, Strathmore, Alberta.
Swastika siphon, 28 inches diameter, 470 feet long, 55 foot head, creosoted wood stove pipe, Swastika area, Alberta.
Fifteen foot timber drop, Crowfoot spillway, SE 1/4 23-24-24-W4, Alberta.
Superintendent's residence, Strathmore, Alberta.
Break in Winona flume, Secondary C canal discharging 67 feet per second, Winona, Alberta.
Rock dam in Crowfoot spillway, Crowfoot, Alberta.
McElroy's Weir rock drop, 'B' and 'C' canals, drop 10 feet, 88 feet wide by 130 feet long, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Construction of rock number 7A, Secondary A canal, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
McElroy's rock drop weir, 'B' and 'C' canal, capacity 1500 feet per second, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Break in Winona flume, about 50 feet of flume down, Winona, Alberta.
Lilacs in bloom and trees, Superintendent's house, Strathmore irrigation headquarters, Alberta.
Outlet for 2 foot pipe under Glenmore fill number 2, SW 1/4 20-25-23-W4, Alberta.
North Branch A canal gates and stop gates, Secondary A canal at Strathmore, Alberta.
Irrigating alfalfa (west field), Strathmore headquarters, Alberta.
Intake of Bruce Lake's drain, ditch completed and water running, 1:30 p.m., Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Looking over Cheadle district and three new drops built in Cheadle spillway, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Break in Secondary 'A' canal, A.2 spillway gates, 400 feet water per second, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Drop number 3 below Cheadle spillway A gate, NW 25-24-25-W4, Alberta.
Culvert, number 1 highway, east of Strathmore, Alberta.
Reconstruction drop number 1, main canal 'A', Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Secondary A canal and bankgate at A. Johnston's, NE 1/4 12-24-25-W4, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Completed drop number 11A and division gate, Gleichen distributary, SW 1/4 2-23-23-W4, Alberta.
New wirewound 24' pipe, Underhay spillway, Rockyford district, SE 1/4 4-27-22-W4, Alberta.
Winona flume and timber arch, NE 1/4 23-26-24-W4, Alberta.
Drop number 4A, with 6 feet water over crest, Strathmead, Alberta.
Old west Crowfoot flume and new one under construction, NW 1/4 7-24-23-W4, Alberta.
Washout from cloud burst at East Cluny flume, NW 34-22-21-W4, Alberta.
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