Canadian Legislative Board of Brotherhood of locomotive firemen and enginemen, Ottawa, Ontario.
First Nations of Eastern Canada, burial ceremony.
Kittyhawk military plane visiting Suffield, Alberta.
Stirling Lateral Branch, Alberta.
Jenkins' Groceteria office building, Calgary, Alberta.
4915-1982 123
5007-1906 123
5008-1911 123
Twin Dome Oil site on Bob Riddle Ranch, on the Highwood River near Aldersyde, Alberta.
Calgary Shoe Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Vic Stuckley riding 'Water Ditch' at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Tourists in wooded area, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
Corporal William 'Billy' Bishop, Victoria Cross winner and war ace.
Upper floor and notches, Drop 8A, Strathmore district, Alberta.
5009/10A-1983 123
Main Street, Rockyford, Alberta.
Wild Horse race at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Harry Hays speaking into a microphone at the opening of the Canadian Aberdeen Angus show, Calgary, Alberta.
Grace L. Winter with her children Laurence and Grace, Calgary, Alberta.
Claudia and Oliver Gardiner learning to swim, Mary Lake, Ontario.
Interior view of jewellery store, Lacombe, Alberta.
Blood people with travois, south of Fort Macleod, Alberta.
George Lane Namaka, Farm Number 2.
Sunday at a Geological Survey of Canada field camp, near Saunders, Alberta.
Visit of Sir Frederick Banting to Alberta, as a member of the Canadian Medical Association.
Canadian Pacific Railway, Boundary Subdivision, mile 83.1, Billings area, British Columbia.
Calixa Lavallée, musicien national du Canada
Reverend D. MacGregor, Alberta.
Man packing icing sugar at Canadian Sugar Factories, Raymond, Alberta.
Lac La Biche Hotel, Lac La Biche, Alberta.
Honourable Edgar Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor of North-West Territories (later Saskatchewan and Alberta).
Hislop and Nagle Company crew on Mountain Portage, Smith's Rapids, Slave River, Northwest Territories.
Canadian Pacific Railway, Lardo Subdivision, British Columbia.
56th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, at Sarcee camp, Calgary, Alberta.
17th Cavalry Field Ambulance, Mary Otter trophy team.
56th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Calgary, Alberta.
George McIntosh on 'Thunder', at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Fencing, Usher ranch, Scollard, Alberta.
Sergeants, 56th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Calgary, Alberta.
Pete Knight on 'Bay Dora', Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Blood people travelling south of Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Private D. J. Campbell, signaller, 31st Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Furs from Hislop and Nagle Company posts at Dick Secord's Buffalo Club fur warehouse, Edmonton, Alberta.
17th Cavalry Field Ambulance at Sarcee camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of T. W. Bryant, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of Victor Anderson, Calgary, Alberta.
Paint & Arts Supply Limited, [Calgary?], Alberta.
Paint & Arts Supply Limited, [Calgary?], Alberta.
Regimental ball, Calgary, Alberta.
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