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David McDougall junior, sitting on silk buffalo robe.
John Niddrie and George McDougall junior, Morley, Alberta.
James A. Youmans and his wife, Mary Jane, McDougall Orphanage, Morley, Alberta.
G. H. Wheatley and wife Ruth, farm instructor, Blackfoot reserve, Alberta.
Harrison Young, Edmonton, Alberta.
Reverend John Maclean, Methodist missionary and author.
Smith's Landing, Slave River, Alberta.
Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York visiting Calgary, Alberta.
Inauguration Day, Edmonton, Alberta, and swearing in of Lieutenant-Governor George Hedley Vicars Bulyea.
Enos Hunter, Stoney.
Mark Poucette, Stoney
Georgiana McDougall, Fort Victoria, Alberta.
Group outside Richard Hardisty's home, Fort Edmonton, Alberta.
Teachers and pupils, McDougall orphanage, Morley, Alberta.
Sweetgrass, head chief of the Cree in St. Boniface Manitoba.
Marriage certificate issued at Canmore, North-West Territories (later Alberta).
Marriage certificate issued at Canmore, North-West Territories (later Alberta).
Reverend John McDougall, writing at table.
Reverend John McDougall and his wife in Calgary parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Reverend and Mrs. John McDougall in a car.
Blackfoot men and Reverend John McDougall on horseback in Calgary parade.
Mrs. John McDougall, Morley, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Chantler, farmers near Meaford, Ontario.
Priscilla McDougall Lannaglan.
Parade of South African war soldiers on Stephen Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
Reverend John McDougall, 1842-1917.
Major-General Thomas Bland Strange.
Richard Hardisty, 1832-1889.
Sir Cecil Edward Denny, 1850-1928.
York boat en route to Oxford House, Hudson's Bay Company post, Manitoba.
Stoney scraping hide on Morley reserve, Alberta.
Duke of Cornwall and York and Prince Alexander of Teck, Calgary, Alberta.
Mounted Blackfoot at Shaganappi Point, Calgary, Alberta.
Mule train at Lake Windermere, British Columbia.
Memorial Hospital, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Model 'T' Ford car in parade, Waterton, Alberta.
Mrs. J. Kemmis, feeding bear cubs, Waterton, Alberta.
Main street, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Frank Hinton home, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Kootenai Brown and wife outside their home, Waterton, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Policeman on White Pass Summit, Yukon Territory.
Last round-up, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Mr. L. E. Dinsdale, teacher, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Mrs. J. Kemmis, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Bridge at Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway tracks through Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia.
Original log cabin, Oil City, Waterton area, Alberta.
Mrs. A.C. Kemmis, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton Lake, Alberta.
Crew of last big round-up, near Pincher Creek, Alberta.
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