Colonel W. A. Howard inspects 22 Militia Group members, Currie Barracks, Calgary, Alberta.
Fire at Texaco's Pigeon Lake 16-26 oil well, Pigeon Lake, Alberta.
Interior of William Roper Hull Home, Calgary, Alberta.
Midnapore Station at Heritage Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Desk and Derrick Club field trip to Turner Valley, Alberta.
Auctioneer Bob Smithens with items up for sale at Auctioneers' Association of Alberta charity sale, Calgary, Alberta.
Sandy Lake First Nations visitors loading trays with food at cafeteria, Calgary, Alberta.
Model derrick displayed at meeting of Canadian Petroleum Association, Regina, Saskatchewan.
The Halifax memorial tower
Laying Canadian Western Natural Gas main from Pine Creek to Calgary, Alberta.
Hungarian dance group, Calgary, Alberta.
George E. Dunlap, manager of Sun Oil Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Presentation of charter to new Business and Professional Women's Club in north Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
Theodore Brandley.
Investiture of Gordon McGregor, president of Air Canada, as Kainai Chieftain, Cardston, Alberta.
Art class at Calgary Allied Arts Centre, Calgary, Alberta.
Coyote pups at Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta.
CFCN Radio & Television Calgary Stampede breakfast, Calgary, Alberta.
Chief Enos Hunter, Morley, Alberta.
Yarmouth town and county, Nova Scotia, Canada : western gateway of Nova Scotia
The women of Africville: race and gender in postwar Halifax (Nova Scotia)
Harold King, Porcupine Hills, Alberta.
New drive-in theatre nearly completed, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Wheat Pool convention, Calgary, Alberta.
Official dedication of new Beth Israel Synagogue, Calgary, Alberta.
Investiture of Governor-General Vincent Massey into the Kainai Chieftainship, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company fort, Heritage Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Executive of Kelvin Grove Masonic Lodge, Calgary, Alberta.
Early Alberta Social Credit members, Calgary, Alberta.
Douglas Hardwick receiving life membership from Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association, Calgary, Alberta.
Red Cross personnel, Calgary, Alberta.
Haymo Taueber and Pamela Mock, Calgary, Alberta.
Cardston AB. Bylaws 1936
Harold Winch and George E. Ellinson meet in Calgary, Alberta.
Executive of Calgary Active Club, Calgary, Alberta.
West Mount Pleasant Teen Time Club receives charter from West Mount Pleasant Community Association, Calgary, Alberta.
A11323 64
Trail riders pack a horse with camping supplies, Canadian Rockies, Alberta.
Dr. G. D. Stanley and Dr. John Garden, principals of Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta.
Heather MacEwan, Calgary, Alberta.
Trooping the Colour at Currie Barracks, Calgary, Alberta.
Progressive Conservative Women's Association of Calgary organized event for Robert and Mary Stanfield, Calgary, Alberta.
Oriental Cavalcade of Fashions presented by Calgary Chinese Young Peoples, Calgary, Alberta.
Board members of Calgary Branch of Rehabilitation Society of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta.
Chiefs visit oil well, Alberta.
Canada lancet (Montreal). No. 9 (November, 1863)
Mrs. Gordon Davis serves soup from Meals on Wheels to Ida Dyke [or Ida Dyck], Calgary, Alberta.
Wolverine at Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta.
Sportsmen's Show, Calgary, Alberta.
Junior Achievement display, Bank of Montreal, Calgary, Alberta.
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