Dismantling tipple, Bankhead, Alberta.
Lazarus Dixon, Stoney
Noah Cecil, Stoney.
Chief Two Young Man, Stoney.
Eliza Hunter, Stoney Reserve, Alberta.
Kootenay woman with fine beadwork.
Plowing with four-horse team, Billy Hopkins ranch, Priddis, Alberta.
Hunter twins, Joshua and William Hunter, Stoneys.
Prairie Sojourn : [Belle Plaine, Stony Beach]
Paul Poucette, Stoney Reserve, Alberta.
Mrs. John Simeon, Stoney Reserve, Alberta.
Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta.
Philip Backfat, Blackfoot.
Hector Crawler, Stoney.
Dan Wildman, Stoney.
Drying meat.
Spruce bark tipi built by William Snow.
Tom Turned Up Nose, Blackfoot.
Unidentified Blackfoot man.
Mrs. Jonas Two Young Man, Stoney.
Stoney man.
Stoney man.
Stoney man.
One Gun (?-1973), Blackfoot
Old woman (Stoney) framed in tipi.
Jonas Benjamin, Stoney.
Dan Wildman, Senior, Stoney.
Heavy Shield, Blackfoot.
Mark Poucette, Stoney, and Andrew Sibbald.
Hector Crawler, Stoney.
The Stump, Blackfoot.
Dan Wildman, butcher, Stoney.
John Hunter's tipi, Stoney.
Kootenay woman.
Young Jonas Rider (Stoney) by Crawler's tipi.
Mrs. Paul Twoyoungman, Stoney, drying meat.
John and James Moosecap, Stoneys, aged 3 and 4.
Leah Chiniqui (now Simeon), Stoney, and J. Brewster.
Water Chief, Blackfoot.
Mrs. John Englishman, Stoney.
Noah Cecil, Stoney.
David Bearspaw, Stoney.
Joe Calfchild, Blackfoot.
Picture writing, Blackfoot.
Daniel Wildman, Senior, Stoney.
John Hunter, Stoney.
Peter Ear (Stoney), smoking a pipe.
Tipi decoration, Stoney, once belonged to John Hunter.
Tipi decoration by John Hunter, Stoney.
Amos Bigstoney, Stoney.
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