Mrs. Henrietta Muir Edwards with grandson, Graeme Stewart.
Flower garden of Mr. H. George, Peace River Crossing, Alberta.
Hospital on Blood reserve, southern Alberta.
Henrietta Muir Edwards.
Cree family with travois, near Calgary, Alberta.
Henrietta Muir Edwards.
Claudia Gardiner with doll, Fanny Ann, at Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, West of Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, West of Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Shaftesbury mission, Anglican school and post office, Alberta.
Main street, Lake Lindeman City, British Columbia.
Claude Gardiner, rancher.
Members of Treaty 8 party, Athabasca area, Alberta.
Peace Hotel, Peace River Crossing, Alberta.
Mrs. Alice Gardiner.
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, West of Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Doctor Oliver C. Edwards.
Pisquaw (or Pasqua), Cree chief, Alberta.
Bird, from the Blood, with water wagon in Belly river, Southern Alberta.
Doctor O. C. Edwards and family.
Claudia Gardiner on fence beside water trough.
Crops grown at Peace River Crossing, Alberta.
Doctor O. C. Edwards and family.
Oliver and Claudia Gardiner on saddle horse, 'McGinty'.
Calgary, Alberta.
Wedding of Claude and Alice Gardiner, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Claude Gardiner and family with companion-help, Wineglass Ranch, Brocket area, Alberta.
Visitors at Wineglass Ranch, north of Brocket, Alberta.
Coyote hunt on 44 ranch, West of Nanton, Alberta.
Board of Trade members, Peace River Crossing, Alberta.
Sir William Osler, (1849-1919).
Dave Mills, interpreter, and Blood woman.
Claudia Gardiner and Douglas Edwards blowing soap bubbles, Wineglass ranch, Alberta.
Local citizens, carriages and saddle horse in front of business block, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Doctor and Mrs. O. C. Edwards and family, on Blood reserve, Alberta.
Horse rescued from quicksand near Stand Off, Alberta.
Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) tea dance, Atlantic (9th) Avenue East, Calgary, Alberta.
Race track on Blood reserve, southern Alberta.
Blackfoot, Peigan and Blood men.
Julia Iron Pipe, Blood.
Ranch cattle being herded up rivine from Belly river, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Man in fancy dress costume, Wineglass Ranch, near Brocket, Alberta.
Cree women at Peace River Landing, Alberta.
Longhorn cattle on range, southern Alberta.
Steamer 'Rossland' at Nakusp, British Columbia.
Volunteers waiting to leave for war service, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Members of treaty party crossing the Athabasca River, in Peterboro canoe.
Blood people with travois, south of Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Conference with Hay River Slavey people at Fort Vermilion, Alberta.
Equipment made to transport goods to the Klondike.
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