Hewey Long on 'It's Hell to Stick', Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) mill at Fort Vermilion, Alberta.
Car loaded on ferry at Fort St. John, British Columbia.
Portable steam engine of Beaverlodge Industrial Company pulled by oxen, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Picnic Day at the Dominion Experimental Station, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
First Nations children at the Roman Catholic Mission, Aklavik, Northwest Territories.
Picnic Day at the Dominion Experimental Station, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Loading Sheridan Lawrence's flour on the S.S. 'D.A. Thomas', Fort Vermilion, Alberta.
Dominion Experimental Station, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Mr. J.W. Abbott's home, Fort St. John, British Columbia.
Rede Stone driving home a spike on the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway as the train enters, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Car stuck in mud on road to Fort St. John, British Columbia.
Peace River Ferry at Taylor's Flats, Fort St. John, British Columbia
Beaverlodge School and grounds, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
W. D. Albright, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Settlers wagon upset on Grande Prairie Trail, Alberta.
Alberta Hansard, 1973, index
Mail wagon stuck in mud leaving 'Spruce Grove' stopping place, Alberta.
View of Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
Eva Albright and her father C. F. Lossing leaving 'Bear Head' stopping place on Grouard-Peace River trail, Alberta.
Girls playing with football, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
R.C. Lossing farm near Beaverlodge, Alberta.
First threshing outfit in Beaverlodge district, at Stony Point, Alberta.
William and Mrs. Pierce and daughter Daisy, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Dock at Grouard, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company trading post west of Saskatoon Lake, Alberta.
Cow at 'Spruce Grove' stopping place, Grouard-Peace River trail, Alberta.
Ruth Johnson, Anna Johnson, Effie Flint, Irene Walton, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Purebred Yorkshire sow purchased by William D. Albright, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Negotiating mud hole between sections of corduroy road, Grouard-Peace River trail, Alberta.
Ralph and Harry Carrell in caricature, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Crew stringing telegraph wire past Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Qunicey Lewis with crop of winter wheat, near Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Oliver H. Johnson, one of the first three settlers in Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Site which became Beaverlodge experimental sub-station, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Lossing and Albright families going to church by democrat, near Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Gladu band of range horses, near Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Unidentified town, Alberta.
Members of the Oliver H. Johnson family on a burro in Oklahoma, before moving to Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Four oxen going to plough at Sam French's homestead, Waterhole, Alberta.
First bridge built across Beaverlodge River, Alberta.
Man camped at land office, Grouard, Alberta.
Hand-threshing, Beaverlodge area, Alberta.
Main street, Grande Prairie, Alberta.
Eva Albright and her father C. F. Lossing in wagon, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Car, reputed to be first to come into Grande Prairie district, Alberta.
Shelter belt at agricultural research station, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Golden Eagle shot by William D. Albright north of the Peace River, near Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Charles McNaught pulling up a hill on Edson trail, Alberta.
Mr. Pool and family driving to church on lumber wagon, near Beaverlodge, Alberta.
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