Peak in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta.
Hugh Stutfield at mountain camp, Alberta.
Riders and pack-horses in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta.
Man in mountain camp, Alberta.
Beaver dam, Jasper National Park, Alberta.
Forested area in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta.
Loading pack-horses at camp, Bow Lake, Alberta.
Mount Sarbach, Alberta.
Members of mountain expedition in camp, Alberta.
Raft 'Glacier Belle' on Glacier Lake, Alberta.
Freshfield group of peaks, Rocky Mountains, Alberta.
Mountain expedition camp, Bow Valley, Alberta.
Waterfowl Lake, Alberta.
Lyell Glacier, Alberta.
Men on raft 'Glacier Belle' on Glacier Lake, Alberta.
Climbers near the peak of Mount Neptuak, Alberta.
Horses on river flats, Rocky Mountains, Alberta.
Expedition camp, Bow Valley area, Alberta.
Men climbing peak in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta.
Valley of the Ten Peaks, Alberta.
Jasper, Alberta.
Mount Howse and Waterfowl Lake, Alberta.
Riders crossing Mosquito Creek, Alberta.
Expedition group on raft, Glacier Lake, Alberta.
Waterfowl Lake, Alberta.
Glacier Lake and creek, Alberta.
Waterfowl Lake, Alberta.
Man on loaded raft, Glacier Lake, Alberta.
Riders and pack-horses crossing mountain river, Alberta.
Forbes Creek Valley, Alberta.
Pack-horses crossing a mountain river, Alberta.
Freshfield Glacier, Alberta.
Waterfowl Lake, Alberta.
Members of expedition in camp near Waterfowl Lake, Alberta.
Mistaya River, which was known as Bear Creek, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Mount Howse and Waterfowl Lake, Alberta.
Three climbers on Roche Miette, Jasper National Park, Alberta.
Mount Hector, Alberta.
Head of Glacier Lake, Alberta.
Hugh Stutfield in mountain camp, Alberta.
Expedition camp on Smith Flats, Alberta.
Peyto Lake, Alberta.
South peak of Mount Murchison as viewed from north peak, in Banff National Park, Alberta.
South of Mount Outram, from the House Valley, Alberta.
Glacier Lake with Division Mountain, ahead, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Glacier River at the outlet of Glacier lake, Alberta.
Tent at Mount Forbes, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Leonard B. Robson with hand-made iceboat on Lac Beauvert, Alberta.
Partial view of Mount Patterson from upper Waterfowl Lake, Alberta.
Edith Margaret Robson.
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